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Considering the fact that i havent met a single player that did not hate the new tiered ship knowledge xp, that forces you to grind lower ships up until you can max out your favourite... Is it safe to assume this knowledge xp will NOT be wiped even at release ( like rank xp which is now effectively rendered useless if you want to play on a competitive level ) if the ship knowledge tree stays in game? And if so, can we expect another change that brings us back to start the grind from basic cutter?

I know it's EA ( inb4 at least 1 reply will tell me so ) and i love this game and testing it. I understand the devs wanted to get everyone back into the small ships and make people work for the big ships without breaking their promise of keeping rank xp for everyone, but i don't really like the new grind ( especially since the game is grindy enough and it forces me to sail ships i don't enjoy ) . I can deal with it as long as it isn't for nothing and will enable me to sail the ships i unlocked to their full potential even after release. I love the new "mega" patch ( except for this tiered ship xp system ). I have no problem with the asset ( gold, ships...etc.) wipe and the game improved alot but if our progress on ship xp or xp grind in general will be wiped yet again on release you might aswell count me and my clan out but i will enjoy this beautiful game until then. I don't want to complain here. I just want clarity for deciding how much time i should consider investing into the tiered ship xp system.

If you really want more shallow water ships in game ( some of which i love and enjoy dearly ) please consider adding more shallow water regions, as it also makes for a great area for new players without enough cash for a decent frigate. Maybe even a very shallow area for 7th rates only? New rookie zone that can be teleported to from captial limited to rank 1-4? I don't see how putting the veteran captains in basic cutters again and again gives new players better chances against them ( they still have more skill ). And it definitely is not content for vets either ( i read this somewhere and was rather shocked...). Everyone i talked to is rather annoyed by it at best and would prefer to be able to grind the total xp needed for the 5th slot on the ship it unlocks for.

I also think ( yeah i will be hanged at KPR for saying this ) SOLs / Lineships are still too cheap / easy to get. I actually would like them to be more powerful and even less accessible.

I really want to know this. Thank you.

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A lot of people would like to know.

But I think that Dves will not answer (at least soon).

Put for a second in their shoes: if they say "Yes you will keep them after wipe" they will not be able to change to a different system of ship progression in the future. If they say "no, ship knowledge will be wiped" they will have to face the shitstorm of the century on the forum and a lot of people will stop using a lot of ships (and maybe stop testing at all).


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Question is: Does the system stay as it is.
I thinks there will be changes anyways. It's important to mention issues and I agree completly with you. Although I think its good that you can't sail a big ship at 100% right from the start, it seems a bit weird to connect that to smaller ships. I mean, you only learn how to sail a ship perfectly or to drive a car perfectly if you sail and drive that specific vehicle. they

I think you should need some experience with smaller ships but one shouldn't need to sail all those ships to the end to fully achieve a big ship. Especially beginners of the game will hate that kind of System.

In Addition at the Moment you really need to sail ALL those ships, because you need different expirience for a Victory than for an Agamemmnon for example. There are different Paths you have to choose and if you aren't happy with the choice you made, you need to start all over again.



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