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I find it really injust that if you manage to run away from your enemy (trader example) succesfully, or have to flee after causing major damage to enemy but also take fatal damage to your self that there is 0 reward for this.

After you have given your very best and fought till the end you should get reward! It is frustrating that after 30mins of fight you might need to run and get no rewards at all, its not often this happens but when it does its like wet rag to your face. Also there is no xp for traders that are bullied / chain pulled to battle that they escape succesfully. There should be rewards for those.

Just my thought, didn't find thread of this yet. If there is one please move my comment there.

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23 minutes ago, jodgi said:

How exploitable would such rewards be, do you think?


Very (even the existing system could be abused by pirates i think), but the Threadcreater still has a valid point. :/ Maybe connect it to some damage taken if both partys have taken damage x of total possible damage you get a reward or something like that.

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Well i was mainly talking about fights where you actually fight back like missions, just think about all new comers we have failing on theri first few missions getting no rewards at all. Not cool. I have 1k+ hours played and i ocassionally need to run, and getting no xp for fighting 40 mins enemy stronger than me making me run but still i have caused major damage to them yielding no xp feels very wrong.

And one way to make this not exploitable by players, simply add restriction to gain XP or gold from the captain tha't has just escaped someone by 5-10minutes?

I would not mind antigrieffing tool that made so the same party could not attack you on openwaters but only 2 times a row, then give you 10-15mins protection at least or longer invisibility. I have been chased from 11pm to 3am in 3 consecutive battles before, running all battle timers to the end. Ending giving up because i just wanted to sleep. Same tool would nail 2 tasks here.

For both partys, attacker and escapist. So it will aswell restrict them having pool of players who would rotate otherwise.

I bet there could be added other methods aswell...

But still no rewards for at least PVE missions if running away seems unfair.

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