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Is there a way to have my account mirrored to the Global Server?



I was away from the game for a few months busy with a career change and getting settled at a new job. During this time i wasn't keeping up to date with the forums and i did not catch the news and announcements for me to create characters on all the servers so that i may be able to start anew on the other servers.

I have been a long time player of Naval Action and have seen the game through some of the busiest and slowest times. I'm an advocate of the game and a participating clan member. I would really like to rejoin my fellow players in the game without being severely disadvantaged to start from the beginning as this would be a great deturrent from the amount of time and effort that i have put into the game thus far.

Is there any possible way to have my PVP EU Server account information copied or mirrored onto the PVP Global Server? I wish to have the option to play on both servers, yes but i intend to start anew on the Global Server.

Woody051 - Great Britain


Current Global Server



Current EU Server



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40 minutes ago, Sir Texas Sir said:

I would say just level up, you will make RA before you even get through the Ship Knowledge Tree and into the 4th rates so might as well start the grind.

I think the idea is to get more people on global.  Having to re-level all the way up is not very appealing.

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