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Being a new member of this community and being part of the pirate nation  I am here to make this appeal.
Already the pirate nation is the most 
difficult to play , but after the wipe it has become practically impossible for a new player to do anything .
 I  am here in the name of the Pirate Nation to ask you to restore certain features that  we  had before the Wipe 

- Restore the possibility of being able to have 5 ships in each outpost
- Be able to teleport to  Free Towns
- Solve the problem of the economy because it is practically impossible to obtain the goods that we need and the prices are too high.
Thank you in advance for your attention.
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This title though :lol: Sorry, just. old memories. 

But I disagree with all the above.

-Too many ships from before just lead to clutter and ganking. Made them way less valuable. You can expand ports now instead.

-Free Port teleportation must be the same for all nations, no one can teleport between free ports. and that is good. This forces nations to either suffer the sail while grinding, or to expand along their own borders. Before was just stupid with what the pirates did on PVP2. 

-It isnt impossible, in fact we have been making 1 mil plus in our trade runs recently, it is balanced with how the teleporter works. if they dont change it, which they said they will, the economy is fine. Maybe a bit scarce, but thats also because literally everyone is actually trading right now, which will die down.

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9 minutes ago, Rebel Witch said:

they need to at least lower the cost of expanding docks and make it a tiered system. so 50,000 for first expansion, 100,000 next etc

this has been suggested before and they "said" they were going to do it but its always soonTM 

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