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Hey everybody! I brought my Sharps Carbine to the range yesterday, and recorded some shooting! I thought perhaps some of the folks on this forum might enjoy taking a look at the ubiquitous UG:CW cavalry/skirmishing rifle.


PS: I'm not a great shot...

Part 1: The Sharps, and engaging our friends, the enemy (Confederate plastic bottles)

Part 2: Close up shot of the barrel firing


Part 3: More about the Sharps, and shooting generally. Trouble shooting new ammunition loads. 

Part 4: Counterattacking Bottle's Brigade, ANV

Part 5: Wrapping up, interior of a Sharps round, and a few more pot shots. 


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First gun I actually flinched from firing was a Sharps chambered to the government .45-70.  The Quigley Down Under Buffalo Gun, not necessarily the carbine of yours.  Maybe I'll have to upload when I break out my old Colt's Dragoon revolver.

If I had to choose a civil war era revolver to carry, after using both the Colt Dragoon, Colt old Army and Remington, I would definitely carry the Remington.  Have to love interchangeable  cylinders.

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