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[VNM] Koninklijke Marine/ Verenigde Nederlandse Marine (Royal Netherlands Navy / United Dutch Navy)

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6 hours ago, OneEyedSnake said:

Some Decent Victories today! B36D0B6B64CED66681DE6EA397BA67427CFDCF62






And of course Props from our greatest and closest allies of our glorious dutch nation SMS! 

I would be happy if Yoda's Indiaman was bagged - catching a Victory off-guard is incredible. Lady luck smiles upon the brave. 

I also commend the Surprise that tagged some of the screeners and kept us busy in pursuit. Much rust being shaken off from both sides.  


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the Dutch are in need of sailors and if you are one wanting to join the Dutch nation then I would recommend the [KM] clan (as well as SMS). They are a good bunch of dudes and this game really goes the extra mile once you're part of a community.

Join KM and sail the seas confidently.

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On 6/30/2017 at 11:35 AM, AvroArrow said:

Yesterday France won the 1st rate port battle of Trinidad against Dutch. Dutch were hunting down there for a while and captured a couple of ships from France.  Your people attacked ours first, and keep attacking. This war was declared from your side. 

I believe they totally underestimated the power of France. Don't be ridiculous, we attacked your port to stop the raids. We know you have the numerical advantage in this fight.

France was the victorious side of this competition ..... period. The wind was victorious in Trinidad, you could have not had better conditions for a fight. 

Moments after Dutch defeat in port battle, they headed back towards their ports and France chasing them.  False. No one chased our tactical retreat. 

We were able to tag Flounder in his Agamemnon with a fleet of 1 x Indefatigable. His fleet ship was captured and his Agamemnon burned to ashes. Flounder lost his rudder in the battle and was forced to fight rear guard, successfully preventing his ship from being captured.  The Dutch respect the sacrifice of his ship. The captain escaped, and is already outfitting his next command. 

Your propaganda has been corrected in purple.

P.S. Classy move to end the battle in the Port, Teutonic. We'll meet again. 

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base template for signature

text - Kunstler Script, Size 50, Bold

Name and Rank at top

[Position in clan] Dutch Nation PvP Caribbean at bottom

Commander, Diplomat, Officer, Member are positions. (Commander-means you direct fleet movement, Diplomat-carry out diplomatic tasks between clans and nations, Officer-an officer in the clan, Member- anyone else


Under signature, centered - [ (your rank) in Dutch Nation-PvP Caribbean - [VNM] ] *note that [VNM] is a hyperlink, so feel free to copy and paste


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