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Ganking Simulator

A nightmare for casuals

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in the "actual game" once released, perhaps after a couple of tutorials (which would be COMPULSORY if they wanted the rewards) the new player could chose either a "trader" options, when they start with a small Trader Lynx and some random goods which they need to take some where as a delivery mission or a combat option, where they start with a the normal  lynx and also a set of 6 pound cannons and a warning not to sink immediately or they will be back in  regular basic cutter, plus a preset combat mission and an instruction to go out and do it....

This would give them an idea of the method in which they can progress initially, plus a reason to carry out the ingame tutorial (which doesn't exist yet)

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I am fine with just sailing my frigates and single eggs and bacon. Because I enjoy them, so do my single mercury and prince, before that I enjoyed the brigs, snows, and lynx.

The grind doesnt exist to me, I got want I want, I sail and rove as a I please. This is a patient game and many new players look at it like world of warships. Just another stepping stone...

However to know this game one must know the ways to make gold. A basic tuturial will help for gameplay and should highlight 



Hell I'll highlight some basic ways to make money, it requires patience tho.

Fishing, trading, privateering should all be your first steps to make money, a fir lynx will serve you well and do not linefight when hunting merchants. New players should focus on hauling resources, fishing if there afk in the middle of the open ocean, and learning combat bu disabling and capping traders.


I had many a good plundering for just ai brigs, snows, and ventures in my mercury. Once a venture did turn to fight, denying me of the usual chain and rake method. He boarded me and halved my crew. In the process I escaped and he ran aground. took 30 minutes to lower is crew to 30 to my 66 throw rake throw the bow, twisting and turning to avoid his broadsides. 


The point is, there is no grind to this game but to enjoy yourself and sail as you please, besides those fat SOL's are used for port battles and large engagements, frigates and smaller is where the action is.

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You are exactly right.The grind is self inflicted, as I have had fun in many a small ship. People look down on them, but for example if you decide to base yourself around shallow waters, then there are no such thing as big ships!

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