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Players are logging off after capturing player ship in pvp. this strategy gives no other player to go to the player who has lots his ship and help out. It should be made that once players pvp capture a ship they can not log off until they reach their own national port safe haven. stop pvp cheats logging off play fair you dirty Rats.

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as far as i know you can only stay in battle instance after the battle is over for 15 minutes. After that you will get kicked out to open world.

In open world you'll have 1 minute invisibility timer.

If you log off in battle, I think you will automatically get kicked out to open world after the 15 minutes. Logging out in Battle doesn't work.

You may not have caught him due to the invisibility timer.

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no was not invisible timer a chase was on after 10 min of the battle, then he logged.  but he logged on again and battle was initiated and lost ships recaptured.

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