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Server Status - "connection error"

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If you got the login message "connection error", there is as temporary issue with the Steam authorization server.   You can check the servers status here: Server status updates

Yes server are down for update or maintenance

Where's a mod to lock these duplicate threads when you need one amirite.

Not just to lock, but to move to the Sea Trials forum where threads about Sea Trials belong.


And lock to prevent the bumping we are currently doing :P Imagine when the open world starts and even more people buy and play.. I liked it when it was quiet :P

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Correct. I believe they are probably rolling back the patch they just rolled out.


"Posted Yesterday, 11:10 PM


update was coming.. but it seems patch will be reverted asap - we were too busy trying to fix some things but decided it will take some time to improve net code so we will revert it back to a more stable version

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