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[PvPEU] The St. Croix Royal Gazette - Issue 2, July 15th

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Issue#2: July 15th
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Issue#1: May 24th
This is the inaugural issue of The St. Croix Royal Gazette.
(click the pictures and select fullscreen to enlarge)
It is my attempt at creating a role-play newspaper for the PvP EU server with help from @Cornelis Tromp. The newspaper will contain Naval Action news, role-play, advertisements, historical references and any other content that I deem fitting.
I will try to keep this newspaper going for a long time, and to keep it regularly updated. I will not commit to a specific timetable for delivery of issues however. 
My goal is to keep the newspaper especially apprised of RvR developments. While the title of the paper suggest the Danish connection, I hope that it will be a worthwhile read for any captain of any nation in Naval Action. 
Anyone on the server are welcome to request the placement of advertisements in the Gazette. You can design your advertisement yourself, or I can do it to your specifications. Advertisements could be for selling items in-game, offering services, looking for a clan or a clan recruiting members. Anything you could think of that is game-related. 
The Newspaper title and design is strongly inspired by the historical Danish West Indies newspaper «The St. Croix Gazette», briefly named the «The Royal St. Croix Gazette». It was also published for a time under the name «Dansk Vestindisk regierings Avis». For a long time it was named the «Royal Danish-American Gazette». To avoid confusion with the same role-play newspaper by @Niels Terkildsen I chose a different name. You can find his great Newspaper here:
It is what I try to emulate and aspire towards.
I am attempting to mix historical accuracy, role-play and game-references. None of which will be fully accurate nor is that the intention. I will try to adopt a somewhat realistic language of the period, though this is a very tough challenge that hopefully I can aspire towards as I get more experience creating new issues.
For my Newspaper I chose to use a 220 year date conversion. A bonus from this is that the weekdays in the year 1797 correspond exactly to the days of the week in 2017.
This first issue is meant to play on the fact of today’s wipe. Therefore several references are made to it. I use the metaphor of a Hurrican hitting the Caribbean to this effect. To reinforce this I have printed a copy of a letter from the American statesman and Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. He grew up in the West-Indies, and he lived in St. Croix part of the Danish West Indies when a terrible hurricane hit the islands in 1772. He wrote a letter which was printed in the Royal Danish-American Gazette, and caused the merchants of Christianstæd to take up collection to send the young boy to the American colonies to get an education. There he became one of the most important figures in American history.
I hope that you will enjoy reading my newspaper. I will keep this topic and OP updated with all the issues I produce. You are welcome to subscribe to the topic. 
Any contributions are also welcomed. Also feedback and tips on improvements. 
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ISSUE#2: July 15th

So. I have finally endeavoured to complete a second issue of The St. Croix Royal Gazette. In this issue you can read about the capture of Cap-Français, about the comings and goings in the port of Christiansted, about valuable goods for sale, notes about some recent Port Battles, and a few words on the current political situation of the server. 



(click the pictures and select fullscreen to enlarge)


It's hard to make even a semi-regular schedule for publication. With all the time I spend in game I don't have that much time to compose it. But if people appreciate my efforts I will keep making new issues whenever I can. 

The referenced Prints of a Love Letter by Yann du Finistière can be read here:


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