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I remember being a new player. In the beginning, it was fun learning the ropes of sailing and battle. Of course, the first time I sank an enemy vessel was quite a thrill. I wanted to tell everyone about the adventure I just had. After learning the basics of sailing, battle and yes, even crafting my own ship, I began to experience some of the real adventure and beauty of the game. I still remember how amazed I was at seeing my first OW sunset, the first time I found a sealed bottle (what a thrill that was picking it up) the first time I navigated accurately from one harbor to another - but I especially remember the suspense of not knowing who I might meet along the way...friend or enemy. It was and still is very exciting. Soon after, I began to make friends that turned into clan mates. It was then that I started to sail in groups and for the first time, engaging in large battles. The first port battle i was in was so exciting, I may have held my breath the entire time. The site of so many ships, cannon fire and twisting sails was stunning and something that I still enjoy to this day. What keeps me coming back to Naval Action is the ability to enjoy a beautiful long sail by myself or with friends, the possibility of finding treasure, the ability to engage in single combat, or if I choose....the ability to take on an entire fleet with friends. Its a game that allows you to be totally immersed in being a ship's Captain in the golden age of sail. Yes...I am the Captain known as "The Headless Parrot"

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Dear Captains. Especially Captains who spent more than 100 hours in game. Can you be so kind and share your magic moments in Naval Action. Moments that made you stay in the game. Moments tha

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Beautiful Open World with endless exploration possibilities. 


Detailed Ships and Realistic Physics


Massive Battles and Incredible PvP experience. 


Breathtaking Visuals


Magical Nights with Danger waiting ahead. 


All this keeps me in this game and will keep me here until the end. No matter what this game went through I still remain one of the biggest critics here and It's always wonderful to see the light at the end of the tunnel moving closer with every day. 

Best moments:

Learning how to sail

First PvP fights

First Victories

First Legends

In addition, I miss Storms/Lightnings/Thunder and I think your Clouds were nicer before. I did enjoyed them a lot. 


Here is why we need Criticism here and here is why it worked wonderfully. Way back you guys were so soft to Criticism that it caused a massive blow to your Project. However, looking back and comparing now you guys improved a lot. I am sure with more time you will get what it takes to withstand any words sent in your direction and use them as benefit for your company. 


Many improvements were made thanks to our big NA community. Everyone contributed something and made Naval Action better. 

I also, want to thank Developers for their hard work and unstoppable spirit to finish this project. Even with 1 warning point I still remain one of your biggest fans here. :) I have to say no matter how difficult the times were you were able to complete your goals. 

P.S. Critics are not haters. ;) 

Good luck and I will see you on the high seas. 


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I have always been here for the wonderful ships and pvp battles.  Plain and simple, there is no better feeling than winning a good fight against an opponent that has equal or better odds than me in the fight.  

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Ill try post them chronologically:

First encounter: Somebody told me jump into tower when i got nearly sunked...so i jumped:)


First storm battle - i cant hit anything but was great!


Trafalgar near Plymouth - was a lot of fun


Jaw drop when first time sailed on open world


PFK and friends suicide charge in PB


PFK full pvp (Barba joined after)


Have to search my screenshots database for more...tbc.

Here are few more:

Dutch invasion fleet heading re-take Macanao (about 100 ships)


Some famous pirate brawls with great guys (PODW) /tiphat









Shallow water event win





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Got maaaany magic moments with this great game, but the one i will remember the most was during my first weeks as a pvp privateer...

I was sailing near Jamaica in a Renommée, and got tagged by 3 rattlesnake players + 2 rattlesnake fleet bots. Fear was in my heart, it was one of my first "expensive" ships, so i tried to escape, but they went for my sails and it was hopeless.

I sank one of them and the bots while all the rattles were focusing my sails and my crew, and after a while one of them boarded me. I fought the boarding decently (hap prep) so he decided to disengage, but he used all his remaining prep which  allowed me to score an attack for the kill.

I was left with one rattle, raking my stern while i had very low sails and low crew, maybe 40 but he was damaged and i managed to kill his hull with defensive moves. Unfortunately, he was able to board me before sinking... He had more crew, and marines, but i had a lot of prep. I disengaged right away and managed to survive the 4 rounds, with maybe 5 crews left in the end.

I finally disengaged and his ship sunk right away.

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A few early moments

I remember sailing from Mortimer to meet some friends in the Bahamas.  We were going to pull a flag for a shallow water port battle.  I got completely lost on the way to the meeting point, had to find a port and then figure out where I was. It was frustrating seeing land then realizing there was no port there, but still very fun.  I loved the feeling of getting lost. And then on the way to plant the flag it was raining, making it hard to find the port.  

I also like joining my clan mates in missions or hitting AI ships, even though everyone was in light frigates or third rates and I was still in a basic cutter. I really enjoyed hitting larger ships in the basic cutter and trying to outmaneuver the gunfire. 

I loved the very first time I captured an AI trader ? and the very first time I sunk a player trader as I was not good enough to slow him down enough to board. :)

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Every pvp battle is a magic moment in this game. The combat is amazing and that is what got me addicted.

When I sail out with some friends and find a fight were we are in a disadvantage, someone takes the lead, calls out commands and you have to stay in formation and work together to overcome the enemy. That's what brings me back to this game were i have to say, wow that was great, on to the next battle.

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My one of the first "wow" moments where when i crafted my first serious ship it was Mastercraft Pavel :)

My first Port battle

Game look in Open world

Agamemnon Blueprint drop from port battle case ;)

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A call went out that a group of Spanish players were sailing up and down the east coast of the US harassing people. A group of us gathered and went searching for them. For the briefest of moments, they were spotted over the horizon and then a storm blew it. We spread out looking to see if they would escape our net, as we had ships closing in from the north and south. To no avail did we find them, but the joy we had, middle of a storm, looking for a rogue fleet, gave you the sense these sailors faced in their own times. 

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  • Some of the best was taking on elite or whatever they where called, PVE battles. No drama, no name calling, just good clean fun. 
  • Old RVR, the fun of the smaller battles, someone pulled a flag and we all drop what we are doing to race and intercept. (PLEASE BRING THAT BACK IN THE FORM OF RAIDS!!!!!!)
  • The people, some of you all are good chaps, yes the rest are assholes but hey, your fun too. 
  • When I first engaged Pagan Pete . I was a noob but that was one hell of a fun fight. 
  • Watching Vicious run from me in a PB. That was ROFL good fun.
  • Getting chased by 4~ Spanish up the coast of FL, luckily the US Coast Guard has a quick response time. I don't think the Spanish expected the LVG they where chasing to turn around and tag them. 


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Way before coordinates were in game; finding Kidd's Island for the first time.

Sunsets and sunrises when approaching land.

My heart racing the first time I experienced PVP.

Receiving my first Exceptional 3/5 Constitution.

Logging in to NA shortly after implementation of OW and finding 1 million in gold in my account from the devs. I bought a Victory a Santissima and Bellona and had a ball.

Exploring the entire map.


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My first pvp fight comes to mind.

I was extremely new, and had just managed to buy myself a teak/build strength/speed rattlesnake. I had decided to go look for adventure south of KPR, and went to explore Pedro Kay. As I approached the port, I spotted a pirate player in a snow headed right for me. I had never fought another player before, but I steered directly for him and we engaged in battle. The battle was extremely fast paced for someone so new, and I was taking a lot of damage. I tried to use my speed to create space between our ships as the pirate clearly preferred close quarters brawling. 

Now at this point in my career, I didn't understand the mechanics of sinking. I didn't realize that losing a single side would mean the water would start pouring in. So when I started taking water continuously I thought the end was near (one of my sides had been fully destroyed). Then to my shock and excitement, the pirate sank! I had already destroyed one of his sides, causing him to start sinking (without even knowing it). 

After that I was pretty hooked on the whole pvp experience.

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It has been a long time since I first got hooked. It was the very first time I was in heavy seas during the sea trials. I still harbor the hope that we will see them once again.

More recently it has been the amazing Port Battles, the sometimes stressful OW PvP. The community in the game can jump from the worst to the best in a matter of seconds, I will never forget the tales about the woes of a poor little cabin boy. Thanks Pete. 

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My first kiss on my Bellona.


But also magical:

Just seeing the visual beauty of the game running in OW on my computer for the first time. I took about a 25-30 year break from video games. They have come a long way!

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I absolutely love the beautiful graphics of this game, I never get tired of the beautiful combat in this game, so here are some of my favorite screenshots:

My Belle Poule exercising her guns:


My very first first rate, had her since August and yet this infamous pink beauty never failed me in combat:


Trincomalee looking for trouble:

So, we all know Naval Action is a beautiful game, here are some of the best times I've had while playing the game:

My very best stern rake: (384 crew!)


Shutting down Charleston almost every night for a week with one Bellona and two AI frigates. I'll miss this ship most of all, 13.7 knots, turns on a dime, can demast a first rate, can outrun almost anything that isn't built to chase down a fleeing target, and extremely fun. My very favorite ship: (taking a selfie at the docks)


Showing her speed while chasing an Indefatigable that tried to run the "blockade":


The moment when, just the other day, I found two lone first rates with her, and decided to engage :ph34r: When they brought in a Pavel to back them up, I decided it was time to scoot! I was once again reminded why I love this ship so much: I clean outran them in the first engagement, went to OW and tagged again to mess around with them, took out the Victory's foremast for giggles and outran them a second time :lol:  (really wish I had a screenshot of the Victory missing her mast in the second engagement).

I shall really miss my OW ship of choice after the wipe. I'll have to work hard to get a couple built as soon as possible, sailing this beauty is just too much fun!



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stray screenshot of an Agamemnon sneaked in accidentally LOL
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Some of the best memories I have are just playing with my friends. Whether it was rattler gangs from Key West down to Habana or going out and trying to guess the location of the treasure fleet or just doing port battles.

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Another sort of wow-moment were the weekly special events where hints about where the treasure would be on saturday dropped during the week.
I think it had great potential IF we actually had to fight for it, as in sink some protective ships and capture the trader ships in battle, and then also escort them to land. But as they were, they were kinda dull. Everyone was sailing in indiamans to loot the wrecks as fast as possible to then get the hell out of there.
Still a good experience.

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This kind of fight. I know the Ai is better now, but this was epic. (And the only moment I had an SS of.)

For the rest the epic rvr battles I had the luck to be in (mostly against the birts).



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Even though I've been away from the game awaiting updates, I still am in love with the whole idea of Naval Action. I love this game, and I think it would have to be all due to just fleet fight fun.

There's of course the Battle of Santiago (I'm sure the Brits and Spaniards will remember it!) which was a battle that went so well for us we glistened it "Trafalgar 2.0" and put it down in the history books. I think the most magical moment I had in naval action was just that entire campaign, which the Brits I think still refer to as "The Santiago Campaign." Every day I hopped on and there was always action around Santiago, Cuba. We had so many battles and so much fun I just don't think I'd still be here if it weren't for that. Despite occasional saltiness from both sides, I think (hope) both sides came out respecting each other and excited for the next battle. All I must says is thanks to the Spanish, French and occasional Danish forces that we fought at the Santiago Campaign.


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The best, I think, is capturing an  AI LGV with my Privateer, a long fight in french waters!


But I still have many other good memories, like this battle behind Mortimer, when a Spanish fleet tried to cap the Indiaman of a friend i escorted... I sunk but he escaped, was a victory for me!


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2 hours ago, Jon Snow lets go said:

my first pvp fight :P


You mean BLOOD wasn't your first PvP kill?   You should of saw me how happy I was when I killed BLOOD in a small battles.  I didn't know he was NPC, even thought this guy must had no life he's all ways doing these small battles.   Than some one had to burst my bubble and tell me he was an NPC AI after the fight.   

I would say one of mine was my frist out number PvP  win.  It was 2 (me and my ai) vs 5 guys (2 players and 3 AI).   I was in a 4th rate but they where in a mix of 4th rates and 5th.   At the start I sent my AI after the AI to slow them down and distract them as one player was to far away to get to me yet.  I fought and tossed balls back and forth with the two players. I was able to hurt the suprise bad to get him off my stern but I had to duck it out with the Connie (I was in a connie).  I think he was speed fit so way softer than me.  I sunk him just about the time the suprise and the other guy got caught up to use. Knowing the surprise was out of repairs I pounded on him.  Well all this time I was thinking my AI is a complete retard over there pretty much beaching it self and the two AI's.   Than I get Enemy AI sunk and than Enemy AI sunk.  By this time I was torn up really bad and while the suprise was about to sink the other guy (can't remember his ship) was going to beat me for sure being in a fresh ship.    I"m trying my hardest to get the surprise to sink and just as he does my AI shows up.  While I"m running I have it pound on the last ships sails.  I get most my repairs done as I held them off to the last moment and turned.  Between the both of us we sink the last ship.  the 2 vs 5 and no lost on my side.   

This was special cause I normally suck at 1 vs 1 or any time I"m out numbered. I'm ore an average player so I work best with team mates.  After that fight I started to get my confidence up about doing 1 vs 1 and even some 1 vs 2 fights where I was out number.  

Now most recent funny moment.  We where grinding agro out side of Cap Frans and I didn't have any Pirate ships big close by.  So I brought out my baby Dan to get some level experience in the missions since I can join after they start. I'm just in a basic cutter and was going to do a little stern camping and get a little xp.  That way I could exit first and make sure things where clear for my Pirate clan mates.   Well we where in a fight and @Duncan McFail was boarding this AI ship.  So I'm like wow that is an easy target and I start slugging 12 lb carros balls into it''s stern.  I see he wins the board so I get the hell out of there.  Well so it seems I lit the ship on fire.  Since he didn't put crew on it other than a few they were not able to control the fire.  It than blew up and I think killed another capture AI ship along with it self and damaged one of our team mates pretty bad @Jean Pual Vilvenue i think it was.  Well every one was like what the hell just happen and how did they blow up.  I'm all on TS being uber silent as it clicks in my head that I set it on fire. Well the reason it clicked cause my battle screen results was -1765 xp.   Now remember this was a baby Danish char.   That was more xp than he need to level up to the next level.  So it affectedly put me at where I needed over 3K xp to get out of the hole and make my next rank.   We all laughed about it but I for sure as hell wasn't going to be stern camping in a basic cutter any time soon while some one boarded lol  Though I got to say it's not every day you take out three SOL's with a basic cutter.

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In Sea Trials it was the whole battle mechanics and how good looking it was


Beginning of the OW was a part exploring the unknown (no map, no one new how for you were able to sail) and still the battle mechanics and started to like the frigates more then SoL's.


Portbattles in the beginning I enjoyed a lot but after doing it to much for a to long time I started to dislike that part.


Now a days for me the fun and trill is to fight in frigates and hunt for bigger pray in the OW. The battles where the odds are really against you.


And for 1 of the best reasons i still play the game is that I enjoy playing the game with friends that like to do the same thing ingame.

Even with my 1800 hours im still 1 with the lower hours in the group

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2 pages in, i doubt many of whom i speak will ever see it, but here goes nothing.


@admin I do consider myself amongst the veterans of this game, therefore very suitable to point out that the game is a multitude of wow-moments. 2 pages in, i doubt many of whom i speak will ever see it, but here goes nothing.


Before the days of OW, the first time i partook in a storm battle in ST was magnificent. I remember doing all kind of elaborate engagements, waves making an truelly epic sight. I especially remember putting on some sea shanties and singing along with zeal. Whilst firing the gun batteries non-stop, fighting at impossible odds. Seeing ships appear from the mist, completely changing the nature of the fight.

Here's my sole surviving screenshot from ST, there are several vets to recognize^^


Then we arrive at the beginning of the OW, haha, the good ol' times. For those who lived it will remember when i say the thrill of exploring the spawn area was insane. After a while of messing about as a solo player, i started to message some other duchies if they fancied to group up and take on brigs together. Some names here should be recognized by the other vets. Commodore Wesley, Brandon, Bernard, Ben. For whom it may concern, brandon and wesley helped form the foundation of the DAS. I will have forgotten plenty of names, and i do apologize for that!

After taking down the first few brigs, we came across a Swedish surprise which we hastily engaged. Never did i experience the raw strength of such a ship, nor have i ever since. With the three of us we were barely able to harass it into submission. Good times.

What some might not know, is that plenty of people of the old guard of DAS were casually press ganged into service.^^ Several people were engaged and let live, for them to chose to join our glorious nation and clan. Steel might have been the first of many. I hope you are doing well mate.


What comes after that? After a while we met some danish players, Iza, Balticsailer, Dannevirke, and several others. Again sorry for not remembering all names...

People might have heard about the trafalgar battles, they likely are not aware that this started with arranged fights between the Dutch and Danes, later joined by the Americans (northern wolves, prater, young, @TommyShelby  you silly bastard, and many others) and eventually by the rest of the nations. Whereas north of philipsburg was the initial spot with some crazy fights, plymouth became more practical. I must stress that leading a fleet of 25 ships into battles against some of the best players in the game was the pinical of the game for me until then. The sheer stress and strategy involved was absolutely mind blowing, thrilling and exciting. For those interested, my old YT channel features plenty of these fights:


After the trafalgars, RvR became the challenge. With legends such as bubbles, konali, admiral trump^^, and @Tac (King of the seas, the depths, and the creatures of the blue. Lord of the four kingdoms, protector of the DAS. Conqueror of frenchies, smasher of frogs, father of destruction. He is your lord Supreme)

To end it all, i do pride myself on being one of the more experienced PB commanders, having had the honour to serve with loads of the community. Leading over 250 people into battle. Leading the defence of the dutch eastern realm with 150 people against impossible french odds. For those who remember, the defende of Bubbles at Pampatar, the defence of Tac at Cumana, and your truly at Caracas. Plenty of dutchies to thank for their efforts, and plenty of allies as well. Epic times, epic battles.
There is so much more i want to say that were part of my wow moments, but this is a brief summary.

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