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Gun range and crew

Captain Lust


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5 hours ago, Captain Lust said:

Are there maximum range differences between guns of different calibre e.g. a 4 pound long cannon versus a 9 pound long cannon? Also, can i find information anywhere on how much crew a specific gun needs? Thanks in advance.

Not so much a range difference as a drop off in penetration numbers as range increases. 4lb mediums lose punch faster than a 4lb long which loses it faster than a 9lb long. Hover your mouse over the gun marker (box, square, whatever you want to call it) and it shows pen numbers by range and the crew needed to work the gun.

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This was a base table I did a while back with what [Challenge] is talking about in penetration drop off.    


Also I've included a STEAM guide I did on Penetration, Armor and Structure. It will be slightly dated now with 9.99 but you'll get the general idea.  




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