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As for the new Shipknowledge mechanics, i would really like to know which ships are required to be used / upgraded how much, in order to unlock slots for which higher tiered ships. It appears to me that currently the only way to find this out in game, is to actually grind it through. If i am forced to sail certain ships to be able to max out the upgrade Slots for my favourites, i would at least like to know how the "Unlock Tree" looks like. Any input on this is much appreciated. Thank you gentlemen.

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this " unlock tree " will be one of most unpopular thinks from devs. why i must grind from low level ships to high unlock knowledge?  if anybody will professional with Aga or another, the grind only for XP, open new slots. thats all.

Aga > frigate>cerb>snow>brig>pickle ......

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