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[PvP EU] The St. Croix Royal Gazette, 1st Print - Pre-wipe issue

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In light of the recent popping up of several Naval Action Newspapers for PvP Europe, I decided to make a special pre-wipe issue of The St. Croix Royal Gazette, which I've been working on since the wipe announcement:


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If anyone wishes to read this issue in plain format, it can be found here: http://danmarknorge.org/may12/

1 hour ago, Jon Snow lets go said:

How much hours did you need to do this?

More than I care to admit^^

I had help from some templates, but I have no prior experience with video editing software so I had to learn as I went, by experimentation and google searches.

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This just blows me away with astonishment. Job well done.

Because of time constraints, I have never really paid that much attention to this section of the forums. I watch "A Letter to the King" and that is all. Today I found myself reading these little newspapers, OH what a find. You people who do this please keep it up. I have deeply enjoyed them.

@Anolytic, the devs should take note of your work.

Capt. EdWatchmaker 

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Trying to commandeer all my customers with a fancy moving picture. I dare say you aim to put me out of a job!


This is great! I applaud your attention to details (some of which only nerds like me would notice). May we bask in the glory of beautiful newspapers in abundance!

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