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Because of the recent testserver changes. This might fit well. ;)

Complete chat Overhaul

no global chat

no nation chat

In port:

- real time Chat between all present captains is allowed

- you can write on the port blackboard to leave a message this message last 2rl days has a total amount of xy letters and just one per captain per each port is allowed.

- writing to other captains not located in the same port takes time. Message arrives xy mins after being sent and only when the captain enters any port. But the receiving captain will get a notification that a post ship will arrive soon.

In OW:

Real time Communication between all captains of the same nation in viewing range is allowed. Everything else is forbidden.


In Battle:

Same as OW 


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Just now, rediii said:

to make this easier i would say inside the same region is possible instead of viewing range.

Was thinking the same first but some regions are to big.

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Every ship has a chat circle when they overlap you are able to chat.

When NA detects discord or Ts it's causes an error and the game closes ;-)

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I don't think it should close if NA detects TS or discord. Why try to deter communication? If you are worried about revenge fleets, my solution is get rid of the decimals on the GPS, use integers only, and hide the coords on the F11 menu. 

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