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"Proposed" Venetian Kickstarter Pack (With Plans)

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With the other proposed sets of kick starter packs being thrown about I thought I might make my turn to do a Venetian one, mainly with the aim of providing some things that are a little bit different to what we already have and what the other proposed packs are offering. I will also start by saying that these are my personal suggestions after a good think, if there is a ship that is missing from this group I would more than gladly discuss swapping a ship or adding any others.


Polacca (c1750)

Adding a Polacca to the game gives the devs two nice options, one they can have a new small fighting, and two they can also use the same model for a trade Polacca as has been done with the other trade ships, the trade brig for example. Polacca were used quite extensively by Venice as both a small escort ship and as a trade ship itself, they are nimble and sail fairly well up and down wind, their real advantage however is their ability to deter boarding, their high sides being a great advantage in this situation when being attacked by their main enemies, the North African Barbary Pirates. There is also a nice advantage in that there is a purchasable scale model produced by Amati.



Sciabecco (18th Century)

The devs have toyed with the idea of adding a Xebec for a while now, I just thought it might be fun to throw in a detailed plan of what formed the back bone for the Venetian fleets activities in home waters, this is a 34 gun variant built to mainly operate in the coastal waters of the Venetian Lagoon and the Dalmatia, this style of Xebec would add some flair and variety to fighting in shallow waters. Historically the day to day activities of these ships were to discourage illegal activity and protect higher value trading convoys. I also have a sail map for a similar vessel if anyone is interested.



Muiron (1797)

I had a long think over whether to include Muiron or rather go for her parent, the Palma class (1784) but I decided to go for Murion, mainly due to the importance Muiron played in breaking through the British blockade of Egypt, inevitably saving Napoleon from capture or death after the battle of the Nile. Napoleon also wished Muiron to be preserved eternally as thanks for his safety and so it would be a nice little tribute to him to do so electronically in the game. For further information please see the dedicated post to her by @Sella22, I will post a link below.



Fama (1784)

I have personally worked long and hard on trying to unravel the history of the Fama class and have given at least a brief history for each of the 6 ships built, it would be a dream come true to be able to sail her in game. I have explained before my reasons for adding her when it comes to adding Fama, as the swan song of the Venetian Republic's shipbuilding she was the last and most heavily armed of the Fregata Grossa class, the Venetian line of super frigates dating back to the 1720s. She would be a fantastic ship to see in game, not at least to offer some alternative to the Agamemnon dominance of 4th rate battles. She is beautiful, charismatic and historic, her various sisters serving in the Venetian, French and Austrian navy, and as my signature suggests, she is the one I would be most happy to see. Link below to dedicated thread.


I would love to see either of these ships added on to the pack but when it comes down to the cost of ship development I would much rather see the others added over the two below.


Leon Trionfante (1716)

The Leon Trionfante is a ship I have discussed before, the main reason I like her is she has such a long history as a ship, serving her users well for over 100 years and taking part in multiple conflicts, as the ship is more of a bonus choice I wont go into huge detail of why I would like to see her, if you wish to read more please visit her own thread. I also like her because she offers a smaller alternative to a 3rd rate, being armed with 70 guns.



"1780"/La Harpe

The 1780 is the other of my bonus choices, my less favourite over the Leon Trionfante, mostly due to her relatively short history. I just like her design really, she would, like Leon Trionfante be a nice offering to give as another compact 3rd rate, but unlike Leon Trionfante was capable of being armed with 74 guns, which again gives a nice little option to take over the current crop we have of the 3rd and the Bellona.



Links to more information:


Thank you for reading I hope you can find some time to support this proposed pack :)

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Muiron and Carrare aren't really that french though :P.

The two ships were both built incredibly similarly to the Palma class first launched in 1784, Muiron and Carrere were both laid down in 1789 and completed under the French occupation in 1797, the plans are almost identical although Muiron and Carrere are a slightly upscaled version, being ever so slightly wider, having more length and an extra gun port, where the Palma class is labelled as a 13 portelli, compared to Muiron as a 14 portelli ship, mounting 38 guns vs 44s. When it comes to looking at the hull plans you'd need an incredibly well trained eye to spot any real difference without resorting to counting guns.

I also somewhat deliberately chose the ships I did because of the way the fall of the Republic distributed Venetian ships throughout the Napoleonic wars, giving them quite interesting and varied history, Carrere and Murion Being involved with Egypt, Carrere later being captured by the British, while the Fama class served some interesting roles under Venice, France, The Kingdom of Italy and finally Austria.

I'm still quietly trying to come to a solid understanding over that corvette though, I hope some day I can find a proper answer, hopefully I will stumble across some more answers around her at some point.

I'm also very pleased how the response for this topic has gone so far, thank you for the support everyone :)

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That's a very interesting list of ships, all with good reasons to make it in game ! I fell in love with Fama the second I laid eyes on her, so she gets my vote of course. Love the Polacca and Xebec ideas. I know next to nothing about those ship types, but I like the idea of different sailing profiles to add to the currently available 'square' and 'fore'n'aft' options. Muiron would be my last pick in the list, but her historical sigificance and the words 'blockade runner' should definitely earn her a place in the list time/ressources allowing. Besides, the more frigates the better :D

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