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"Proposed" international 20-24 gun Corvettes/Light Frigates Kickstarter Pack (With Plans)

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Here is a set of nice 20-24 gun ships (Corvettes and Light Frigates) from various nations. The idea is to choose one (max two) ship(s) per nation ; some of the most typical, best, most known or well-documented ones.

Feel free to add suggestions for the missing nations.

What would be your favorite 20-24 gun ship ?

1) Spanish Descubierta 

1789, 16-26 gun Corvette


The Descubierta and Atrevida were twin corvettes of the Spanish Navy, custom-designed as identical special exploration and scientific research vessels. Both ships were built at the same time for the Malaspina Expedition, a five-year maritime scientific exploration. The two vessels sailed from Spain to the Pacific Ocean, conducting a thorough examination of the internal politics of the American Spanish Empire and the Philippines. The military version of the Descubierta carried 26 guns. Pictures / 3-Decks / Wiki


 2) Dano-Norwegian Christiansborg 

1758, 24-gun frigate


The Christiansborg was designed by Michael Krabbe, launched in 1758 as a 12-pounder frigate, broken up in 1786. Krabbe submitted this plan after returning from the obligatory European study trip (1752 - 1756, visiting British, French, Italian and Dutch shipyards) and a certain French influence is clearly visible. Pictures3-Decks


3) Russian Vostok

(Восто́кThe East)

24-gun Sloop-of-war, 1818



With the 20-gun sloop-of-war Mirny (1819), she took part of the second Russian circumnavigation of the globe (1819-1821), led by Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen, which discovered the land of Antartica in 1820.


4) French La Diligente

Corvette, 20 guns, 1801



She had a very good reputation in France as she was considered there as "the fastest ship of her time", "the best model to follow" (J. Tupinier) and her plan were to be reused between 1824-1826 to built 8 corvettes-aviso.


Variant : La Favorite (1829)

24-gun Corvette



She was part of an expedition that lasted from 1829 to 1932 during which she passed the Cape of Good Hope, stopped at Pondicherry and Madras, and then explored the coast of Cochinchina and Tonkin, stopped in the PhilippinesAustraliaTasmania and New Zealand. The expedition was considered a great success, many hydrological observations were completed and natural history collections assembled.


5) British HMS Amazon

22-gun ship, 1745
Sistership : HMS Myrmidon (1781) 
La Panthère (1744), a French 20-gun Corvette, was captured in 1745, refitted to carry 22 guns, renamed  HMS Amazon and assimilated into the Royal Navy on account of her particularly useful design. HMS Myrmidon (1781, 22 guns) is her British version from which six other ships were to be built.  
British HMS Sphinx
20 x 9-pdr, 1775
(suggested by Haratik : Thx !!!)
HMS Sphinx (1775-1811) has been captured by the French, then recaptured by the British : https://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=6842
6) Dutch Venus
Corvette, 20 guns, 1806
(suggested by SteelSandwich : Thx !!!)
The Venus had an interesting career, especially given her role during the Siege of Palembang (1821).


7) Venetian unnamed Corvette

22-gun corvette, XVIII-th century




8) American USS Wasp

18-gun corvette, 1807

(16 x 32-pdr + 2 x 12-pdr carronades)



In 1812 she captured HMS Frolic, but was immediately herself captured. The British took her into service first as HMS Loup Cervier and then as HMS Peacock. She was lost, presumed foundered with all hands, in mid-1814.


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btw speaking of British light frigates that are/will be in game :

- HMS Pandora (1779) carrying (11 x 2 + 2 on QD ) = 24 guns IRL : http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7613-pandora-1779-with-plans/

- HMS Cerberus (1758) carrying (13 x 2) = 26 guns in game but (12 x 2 + 4 on QD) = 28 guns IRL

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