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Problems with the iOS Leaderboard and Statistics Tab

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I've been playing the game for over a year now, and while I mostly love it, I've noticed a few things about the leaderboard - namely, my highest score games don't seem to post to it.  Scores up to 9000 seem to register, but it's looking like scores above 10000 do not. Can this be fixed? I've read that there's no plans to patch the iOS version but why have a leaderboard at all if the highest scores don't show up on it? 

As an aside, it'd also be nice if the 'kills/losses', 'kills' and 'casualties' metrics that display on the Statistics tab could be rationalized, as right now it's very hard to intuit what they could possibly be tracking. I've had a Kill/Loss ratio of .97 for months now. Does that mean I'm 97th percentile? Does that mean 97% of the casualties I inflict on the enemy are kills? Because if it is meant to indicate that I kill .97 of an opponent for every one of my men that dies, it's broken -- that ratio would end up being more like 2 or 3 kills for every casualty I take, were it accurate. 

thanks in advance!


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I went back and looked at the screen shot I took at the time and it turns out that it's not a 9k score, but a 7k score, that is now 115th on the leaderboard. 

I should add here that in my estimation, it's probably possible to complete this mission with 30 or fewer total casualties.  You would have to be really good at falling back and keeping ahead of a charging brigade of Confederate infantry, you would have to use cover to the maximum, you would have to position everyone perfectly, and you would have to simultaneously hit a retreating Barksdale with all your units in a charge at roughly the same time.  You'd have to avoid arty fire and you'd probably need a bit of luck., because between use of cover and falling back, you wouldn't be able to let him get a single clean volley off at your troops, as a good hard volley from Barksdale's brigade is capable of killing hundreds of Gregg's finest. .  Even with all that, and with incongruities such as the weird way Confederate infantry can match pace with Federal cavalry when retreating, I'm sure it can be done at 30 or under casualties.

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