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How Peter the Great learned shipbuilding

Captain Jean-Luc Picard

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I am currently reading the biography of peter the great by robert k massie, which is notable for having a lot of context.

In it massie explains among others how and why russia had no navy before peter the great, and how he came to learn shipbuilding, first by building some tiny ships on a russian lake with dutch friends, how it was his passion and how he loved this place, later on he stayed for a while in holland and in england to learn shipbuilding there.

It really explains everything about the creation of a navy, with all the challenges, anectodes, adventures, fails, battles, surprises etc

i recommend the book for anyone interested in navies, and here is a link with a bit of info on the Tsar shipbuilding lessons in holland ( a whole lot missing here but if you want more read a book )



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