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Why I liked it at the beginning and do not play it anymore

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16 hours ago, The Soldier said:

Enemy weapons scale with your own.  They will never have better equipment, only match yours.

Issues with melee dragging (as it's been called) are annoying as hell, no idea if or when that will be fixed.

You ordered them to fire on them, it's only logical that they chase them.  Order them to stop afterwards.  Do mind that if you order a unit on Hold to fire on an enemy out of range, it'll break Hold to move into range.

Yes, but it's been improving over the last few patches, minus the reports of charge-happy AI.

That's just you having bad positioning on your part with your units.  Watch cover.

No idea what you're talking about.

1. They may scale with your own, but what I have meant, you can always purchase them in limited amount unlike the enemy, whose weaponry is fixed for each battle with no factor that could influence it (I am not counting the minor battles before major engagement)

3. when you order your unit to "hold ground" I would expect it holds the ground by firing at someone nearby, not by keeping focus on fleeing enemy out of firing distance

5. that was not about cover or positioning. I saw my three star veteran unit in forest and on top of enemy being routed by forward charge of less experienced unit multiple times. That was what annoyed me at this point

6. I have talked about the whole campaign model. This game is series of battles which do not have any connection between them. Decisive victory in one major battle does not influence opponent numbers or morale in next battle - for example (and little bit of showing off :) ) this is result of battle of Fredericksburg I kept - did it influence following battles? Not at all, they were much harder instead


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Sorry to burst your bubble, but I have no interest your gaming, I was stating that making any claim of being better than another player as proof of your self-righteous attitude is rather hypocritical because it is petulant. ;)

In easier to understand language, it doesn't matter. 

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