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There has been always and sometimes conversation about content in OW.  I think this subject has slipped away couple times.  I am purely writing from PvP perspective.  So what we need...

The current missions are, sail to location X and fight.  Buy goods and Sell at X.

What if we had OW PvP missions?


Lets 1st say:

1. We can inform about those for other people.  In game world this mission was planned 1 month before, rummors run far. Sure, irl we would tell from it immediately.  Yes, the world is too big to not let others to know about these.  Yes, it takes 15 to 240 minutes to find someone, these things has to be indicated clearly.

2. We should be able to screw them up, but not F* them up!  -> There has to be balanced instances.  Yes, someone is doing mission for 4 persons in 5th rates, and you cannot go there and F* it with 25x 1st rates.  Yes, there is a magical barrier blocking you and thats it.  Yes, it is just a game.

3. You cannot teleport to friendly port after battle, there maybe more to come, yes you have to sail there.  omg!

4. Rewards if you win.

5. Could be connected to RvR


Mission examples:

1. Escort

- Escort AI ships from port A to B.

2. Transport (And escort)

- Transport goods, one has a trader, couple other players have escorts.

3. Hunt in region X, hostility creation maybe.

- Go to area X, while you are there, it creates hostility if you just are there 30 minutes.  The other faction will be informed that you are coming, and that you are going to be in the area for 30 minutes, and not vanish in some mission and never to be found again.  Other faction has time to go and look for you -> PvP

4. Destroy tower X

- Like Port Battle, but smaller, and just destroy a tower or a fort.

5. Transfer goods to build tower X

- Destroyed tower/fort can be built again, but you have to actually transport those goods.

6. Treasure hunting

- Fish a bottle, X% change to get a map, collect your friends, use the map, you have X hours to sail to location and pick the treasure, sail back to port to open and see what you got.

7. etc.


Not a mission but a system:

1. Bounty Hunting, add a bounty for a player.  If someone is able to sink, he will claim some/all from the bounty.  e.g. Blackjack Morgan has been sinking way too many ships and you want revenge.  You add X million bounty from him dead or alive.  You sink him, and you collect the money.  Maybe even fame from this, adding a rolling list of bounties claimed.

1a. You have to sink, capturing is not enough.  Adds abuse protection.

1b. If you capture him in a basic cutter -> You get nothing.  The ship defines how much from the bounty you are going to get.  If bounty is high and he always sails in a surprise, it can be that he has to lose 41x Surprise before the bounty is gone.  Abuse protection once again.

1c. You set this bounty in port X, you can claim it only if you are in port X.  You can set a bounty in KPR, and only your countrymen can claim it.  (They should not allow allies to sail in your ports, removes reasons for RvR, I assume this will be removed as well, right?)

1d. Bounties do not count in RvR.  You sink him in a port battle -> You cannot claim the bounty

1e. Bounty divided between kill/assist players.


We are going to get new RvR system.  After this, I think they should fix bugs from it, and major flaws.  Then they should add other content as well.  If they do not add other content, at launch we have RvR, port battles, and ?  So they should add other activities already, so that we can test those before launch as well.

OW PvP missions can create a lot of things to do.  In theory, should create a lot more than for example those port battles.

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Related but not the point...

For example in Treasure Hunting. You may find a wreck from a bottle as well, this time it works like now. If you find a map, and you use it, it will be informed for everyone that you are going after a treasure. There has to be BIG sign that we are HERE. Yes, devs please especially notice this. We have to be able to actually find each other to have PvP. The map is huge, so try to understand that even if we knew where they would be sailing exactly, it can take an hour or more to get there. If you are lucky you are in a good spot to get there sooner. So please devs, try to understand that finding each other in OW is the main thing before we can have PvP. PvP is fun, and just sailing without a clue is not that fun.

Devs, you really have to understand this. Yes, it may not be that realistic, but it is a game. We feel good after successful treasure hunt, if we know that there are other people who have a pretty good change to interrupt us. This Naval Weasel Action, where you sail to location X, others are sailing 1000km from you, and you claim a treasure. Cool, you got some loot from absolutely nothing, but was that fun?

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On 3/19/2017 at 6:59 AM, Cmdr RideZ said:

6. Treasure hunting

- Fish a bottle, X% change to get a map, collect your friends, use the map, you have X hours to sail to location and pick the treasure, sail back to port to open and see what you got.

7. etc.

The Devs created this big beautiful OW map, but it is mostly empty. I really feel that OW content could be one of the missing links in helping to make this game successful when it is launched. Generic OW missions like you mention in point number 6 above would be alot of fun. So what about number 7 above? I'd love to see historical based missions that would cause players to actually figure out where they need to go to accomplish their missions. Example - Travel to the island where Edward Teach was killed - pick up the chest with the buried loot. Take this loot to the first island discovered by Columbus in the New World and deliver it to the Bell Tower in the town. Reward - ???. 

 I realize this idea won't appeal to many hardcore PVP players, but it might provide things to do for many other players, and these players roaming around the OW are important targets for raiders and pirates. This is my second post on this OW content subject in recent days, so I promise it is the last for at least a month.

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