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Can we all PLEASE agree to change after battle teleporting to PVP battles ONLY that last at least 20 minutes. Trader Tears here please. This mechanic is abused to the point of breaking the Open World concept. So much so that sailing a LGV in enemy waters is safer than in friendly....let that sink in for a second.............Now think about how many ships you chased for 10 minutes only to watch them tag a trader cutter just before u can tag them and watch them magically dissappear to a freeport 20 minutes away. Anyone posting on this thread blasting me for even mentioning this change GET OUT OF YOUR TRADE SHIP and enjoy some pvp because if you dont all the trading you do to build all those shinny ships wont be needed because no-one will need any ships as fast as they are being built atm since 95% of the time no-one is in any real danger of losing thier ship unless they try to.

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On 3/5/2017 at 7:12 AM, Rickard said:

if you dont know how to Tag a ship the right way the ship wouldent be able to escape and teleport to friendly outpost.......just saying

you have absolutely no case here Sir. 

I think you need to reread what he said. Its about how you tag. Its about then running away BEFORE you can even get close enough to tag them. They attack trader and its much easier thing to do in the enemy territory then in your home waters which is what he is also refering to. So before you even have your attack button lighted up they attack a trader and then vanish from the OW. Good luck solo hunting. Another PVP kill?

All battles should NOT close instantly. Anyone in a view distance from the battle when it was started should be able to join. 

Also remove 2 sided battle already. All battles needs to be free-for-all type. Anyone can join and its only up to players what they do in combat

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