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Articles of Capitulation - Curacao and dependencies


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Articles of Capitulation agreed between Frederick Watkins, Esq. Captain of his Britannic Majesty's Ship Nereide now lying off the Harbour of Curacao and Johan Rudolph Lauffer, Governor (interim) of the said Island, and its Dependencies, and Commander-in-Chief of all the armed Force of the said Island; namely, that the said Island of Curacao and its Dependencies shall surrender, and be placed under the immediate Protection of his Britannic Majesty, in Conformity to the following Articles, viz.



Art. I. The island of Curacao and its dependencies shall be placed under the protection of his Britannic majesty, and shall peaceably and quietly submit to the government of his laid majesty.
Answer. — Agreed to.

Art. II. The inhabitants of this island and its dependencies shall enjoy perfect security in their persons and properties, and the full exercise os their religion, except such as shall appear to belong to the subjects of the powers now actually at war with Great Britain;
such property only excepted as was on board the vessels in the harbour of the 10th instant.
Answer. — Agreed to.

Art. III. All ships and vessels of War that may be in the harbour, and all artillery, warlike stores, ammunition, &c. that may be found in the forts and public magazines, and all property, of whatsoever nature it may be, belonging to the Batavian republic, shall be delivered up to his Britannic majesty in the state in which they now are, and officers shall be appointed on each fide by the joint parties to take inventories thereof.
Answer. — Agreed to.

Art. IV. All debts due by the government of this island shall be punctually paid out of the revenue of the said island.
Answer. — Agreed to.

Art. V. No alteration shall be made in the established laws of the laid island, except such as in future may be found necessary for mutual benefit or safety, and which must be regulated by the concurrence of both parties.
Answer.- Agreed to.

Art. VI. During the time this island may remain under the protection of his Britannic majesty, or, in case this island and its dependencies should, at the conclusion of the war, remain in the possession of Great Britain, the inhabitants of the said island and its dependencies shall enjoy the same rights and privileges as his majesty's subjects in the West Indies.
Answer. — Agreed to.

Art. VII. The laws heretofore observed, respecting property, shall remain in full force.
Private. — As it is impossible for the inhabitants of the said island and its dependencies to subsist without a free intercourse with the Spanish main, the ports of Curacao and its dependencies shall be open to all Spanish vessels.
Answer. — Agreed to be allowed the same free trade as the island of Jamaica.

Signed, sealed, and ratified, in the presence of Cornelius Spencer and E. A. Van Eck, on the part of Johan Rudolph Lauffer; and in the presence of John Lewis March, on the part of Frederick Watkins;
at the port of Amsterdam, in the island of Curacao, this 13th of September, 1800.
(Signed) Joh. Rud. Lauffer
Fred. Watkins
W. Ridley



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