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I wanted to ask,since the game will generally have historical accuracy, if its possible to have multiple

Nations or Factions presented in game.


For example if later on you decide to put some European Maps in game could it be possible to 

have for instance, a Rebel Navy or just a group of ships fighting against their much better organized oppressors?




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I'm not totally clear on what you mean. If you're asking if historical nations and factions (like the East India companies) will be in-game, yes they will be. I believe all the major European powers will be represented and there is a planned economy and explorer options. Additionally if you wanted to go pirate all you have to do is sink and capture friendly ships, and eventually nations will outlaw you, so there is your "rebel fleet" scenario.   

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If I understand you correctly then the answer lies with Piracy. If you want to create a faction separate from the established nations then it will either have to be done though your guild which will follow the rules of the nation they are flagged or though a group of Pirates that start wars with whatever group they think they can defeat. Although no Pirate Nation will exist it is only obvious that pirates will band together in gangs and design their own rules and customs.

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