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Why can't we go to a system where every ship, including the basic cutter only has 1 durability? Make all upgrades craftable and make all ships 1 durability.

That way when you capture someone's ship or sink it, you actually did it!!!

It will also make the economy more dynamic and alive with the demand for ships going crazy. A lot of players that just like to trade and craft, will actually be necessary and not just labeled carebears!

I also think it would bring some excitement to fights.

Maybe I'm crazy but I think it would be a good thing

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Think its because people are too afraid of losing their ships, especially the more expensive ones. Would only hurt pvp since you would lose all upgrades if you get sunk. And it would punish casuals and new players even more since it takes longer for them to afford to buy a new ship. 

I agree that 5 "lives" per ship is a bit much but removing the durability system completely would be even worse. 

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