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The Republikeinse Handelsvloot is a Dutch Merchant Navy which is open to every active Dutch player who likes to play the game as trader. We offer a democratic and organized trade guild with  benefits for its member. If you are interested in joining the exciting life as a rich Dutch merchant and support the republic, contact us and join the Republikeinse Handelsvloot!





NAME:  Republikeinse Handelsvloot

TEAMSPEAK:   cubegaming.de 

CONTACT:  Wilhelm von Bromme, Van Hoog, Sir Henri

HOMEPORT:  Willemstad



To maintain our treasury, pay support to the shipwrights and compensate members for lost goods or ships, we demand

a small amount of taxes from the members. The taxes scale with the rank of the player and will be payed weekly.


  • Adelborst: 1000
  • Tweede Luitenant: 2000
  • Eerste Luitenant: 4000
  • Kapitein Luitenant: 8000
  • Kapitein: 10000
  • Commandeur-Kapitein: 15000
  • Vlaggenkapitein: 20000
  • Commandeur: 25000
  • Schout-Bij-Nacht: 50000



  • Organized Trade and Escort Expeditions
  • Supply and Demand Missions
  • Insurance for Ships and Goods
  • Support for Shipwrights
  • Democratic Structures














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