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The Production Power Index (Google Doc)

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NATIONS RANKED BY POWER (This is a sensationalist headline designed to grab your attention; it may not actually represent the contents of this document)

As a keen viewer of Jeheil's ‘A Letter to the King’ I've never been wholly content with the Tally of Sails, Splinters and Blood, especially after the regions patch several months ago.  At first it was an acceptable method of keeping rough score but with it's continued counting of individual ports instead of regions and the count being quantitative and in no way qualitative it's a poor metric in evaluating the relative power of nations and alliances (IMHO).  This shouldn't be taken as a criticism of Jeheil or ALTTK, the series is great and an important part of adding depth to RvR and the larger NA community.

So in the honoured tradition of put up or shut up, I've created my own rough system of trying to gauge the various factions' power and control over the map and resources.  It's an infant system and I've tried to avoid too much analysis on the figures until some of the kinks (and there are bound to be kinks) have been hammered out but it does involve a bit on how I think the resource side of the war actually works.  I'd love feedback so leave comments either here or on the Google Doc provided.  Even if it's just "this is pointless go die in a hole" all feedback is good feedback in my book.

Current PPI Scores as of 26-2-2017




The VP













The Triple Alliance

The Second Coalition







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Not sure what it could be used for, but it is an interesting read.  One thing it lacks IMO, sort of like in sports, is the concept of momentum or trending.  This can have a huge impact, for example when you might be talking about teams going into football playoffs with momentum and excitement vs. a team that's in but has nothing going on.  (BTW, talking about American football folks, the real game of football ;) ).

So perhaps the index could include some sort of momentum factor which shows something like how an alliance or faction is progressing.  Could be a factor of the rate of change of previous PPI's?  Or perhaps a factor somehow of number of scheduled port battles or other recent pvp indicator.  I like your concept, just recognizing though that you are looking only at a snapshot instead of including any trending.  Could be fine too.

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24 minutes ago, monk33y said:

Your missing labour contract generation on your map. Labour hours are important also

Only if there are alts to be included for LC generation. Not provable, so not a relevant statistic, unless you admit you use your alt(s) for LC's.

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This is good stuff and well thought out and explained. What I find lacking is what @Jean Ribault pointed out. What could be included in this are clan counts and their abilities in PBs. This information can be found in the various vids posted by counting clan strengths in the PBs. When you see recent clans switching factions, it will show a huge impact in a faction's power rankings and their momentum.

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The Production Power Index has been updated in a second report.  I have read the suggestions posted in thread and have for the moment maintained the current format of the report.  Labour Contract generation, is important but I feel not as important as access to Strong Hull regions or the other resources, although I might still put it in.  A momentum count is tricky, mostly because I only want to update this weekly and momentum can swing wildly throughout the course of a day let alone a week.  Also comparing clans and tracking who shows up in port battles is both very time consuming (and difficult because I don't know all the clans) and I worry very likely to expose me to a lot of salt.  Not to mention that would ignore the importance of screening, for example the battle of Filipina was arguably won by VLTRA screeners outside the port battle. 

So it's all very tricky but we'll see how this evolves.  As always please comment and feel free to check the figures, I'm pretty sure the formula is quite clearly explained and easy to understand.  Also it doesn't look like much but there's a quite a bit of work in doing even small stuff like this so i can't even imagine how Jeheil does his far more impressive show it week after week.  Hats off to him.



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