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Minor battle before Antietam(forgot name) MAD!!!

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I am a little bit pissed of the scaling the game does in minor battles.

Atm i am playing union and need to conquer a farm on a hill surrounded by wood. I start with 4 brigades and will get 5 additional later. The enemy has around 15 brigades from the start all in full cover with two 600er arty and 2 skirmishers, rest seems to be line infantrie (all around 2,5k size) and of course all his units are 3 stars (normal difficult) 

I saw multiple lest play on this battle but always the enemy has maxed size of 1600, against the 2500 3 star lines in my game , i am not able to do this in time and even than the arty is doing horrible dmg to my units. AND there is not enough place to flank the enemy because he has a whole line all over the map and EVERY unit in full cover because of the wood.

If i try to break it on the right flank i have to cross a small river and 3 units guarding it shooting my 4 brigades all the time and additionl reinforcement is charging my units from the center

If i try it on the left flank its nearly the same, first time i though i can do it but as i reached the top of the hill he was awatiing my 2 brigades with 3 of his and he has the arty support.

Its a shame i have around 100k men in my army and i am only allowed to use 9 of them at all in the battle?

How can i handle this. The other minor battle was so easy in comparison, there was also a lot of wood and a river crossing but i was allowed to use more brigades and annihilate my enemy and made it easy in time

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It's actually fairly easy no matter the enemy numbers if you go around the far left. There are only skirmishers there. Position one unit in the forest to the left to provide a screen and move most of your troops up behind the AI. Once you get behind the AI, it will panic and you can push them off the victory point.

I'm assuming it's Grampton's Gap btw.

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Yes it is Gramptons Gap and no there are not only skirmishers also 2 line infantries one is in the small wood directly at the map border and the second one is behind the "normal main line" and will start fire directly if i am on top of the hill and flank me, guess its because the line of 2500 are bigger than the ones in the replays with only 1600 men. But i also dont understand why i have to fight 2500 men lines with 3 stars and in all the videos i found 1600 was the max amount of enemy men in the line

i have tried it multiple times now, best result was with Infantrie only, detaching skirmishers and pushing one flank with charging, but in the end the time will not be enough. Until that battle i have won everything really easy. 

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Hit the left flank but hold in the woods. When reinforcements arrive send them on the right flank up and on top of the hill. (Two or three Brigades.) Bring artillery in behind your right flank and hit them with cannister. They will break and cede the victory point.

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