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Raids explained - forthcoming feature

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1 hour ago, Jeheil said:

So given we have one release described in these threads, a totally different model on the test bed, a server split coming and total change to when you can pull flags....are we still getting raids ?

I wish the give us a patch of the test stuff for now .  Even leave the dura thing out but give structure and Black on Black for pirates.  I got a feeling we are going to be waiting the whole two weeks to get test server update and than get nothing until a month and half from now (end of April) and folks are going to stop playing and destroy there mods and such like the last big game changing patch that was suppose to come out in a week and didn't come out for a month and half so every one stopped playing for that time.

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whats the actual state of raids? Postponed to future? In the roadmap for the first half year raids was also announced but newer developer postings looks like the roadmap is depricated, am I wrong?

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From the details currently available, this looks like a splendid idea for a feature.


I think perhaps also, the 'PVP twist' has been somewhat understated - Can't find no action? raid a port. You might get some player controlled defenders. Not only that, but the activity might attract enemy players to the port in hopes of catching you as you leave. Then there's the counter - raid a port to deliberately attract players to try catch you, and have another fleet waiting in a nearby cove. It could also do a nice job of enticing otherwise pvp-shy players into a fight, especially as the 'defenders'.


The raiders themselves should be unable to dock at the port for a decent period of time (to prevent any exploit of raiding then hiding out there until the heat has gone, plus the inhabitants won't be happy to see them so soon again). However, i don't think there should be any real impact to a ports status, or any owned resources stolen, or you run the risk of a raid becoming the new PB.


All in all, it would just be another option for something to do when you log in for an evenings entertainment.

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