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Exploration mechanic proposition

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Ahoy! fellow captains !

Here are a few propositions for Exploration :

First of all, a new XP with new progression called "explorer XP" to get new rank or "explorer level" like the current level and grade but for exploration.

- New exploration mission from admiralty according to player explorer level
- Prepare food supply depending exploration duration (there is a minimum required according to the rank of the mission).
- Hire specific crew (scientist, doctor and cook) (there is a minimum required according to the rank of the mission).
- Expedition will be more easy and profitable if you create a group with different ship (trader ship to bringing back ressources and holding food + combat ship for protection, shallow ship for shallow area)

- The expedition is shared with the members of the group even if they don't have the required explorer level. They can't take a big exploration from admiralty but they can help a good explorer.
- Sails to mission point on map, (like current mission but with new symbol). 


- Travel map is loaded instead of loading screen for more immersion. (animated dotted line)


- Player enter in instanciate zone, the map is partially hidden at the biginning and will be discovered during your navigation (fog of war). 
- Player can stay in this instanciate zone as long as he has food supply on board. Food decrease during the exploration. (The food is shared with group member)
- During his exploration, player can found some area (town, reef, ark, waterfall, lighthouse, etc. on the coast or on river). (there is a circle surrounding this point of interest)


- He can stay in this circle during some seconds (circle loading) to trigger a discovery.
- Discovery is like a loot after a fight. There are diffents discovery type and it's partially random.
    - Historical artefact (can be sold for lot of gold)
    - Rare material (for crafter)
    - Pets (collection card, can be sold) 

- AI Pirates can attack you during your expedition (so you probably need a protection ship, trader ship alone is risky)
- Exploration is ending when player has no more food on board or if he decides to leave the instanciate zone or if pirate beat him)
- He gain explorer XP and gold according to its discoveries, the purcentage of map discovered, and fight won.

To sum up : 

- New XP with new progression, explorer levels. Sailing through the carribean gives explorer XP instead of normal XP
- Exploration mission need preparation (food, crew, and group)
- Instanciate map can be made by procedural generation or not.
- New environment with new fauna and flora (ice, sand, cliff, jungle) and building. Caribbean is beautiful but new lands will be great and contemplative for PVE player.

- New group gameplay (some can fight and protect his friend, other can explore reef and store discoveries, and another with shallow ship can explore inaccessible zone)
- New items :
    - Historical artefact (can be sold for lot of gold)
    - Pet collection with common, uncommun and rare animals to add a collection dimension (no balance needed, pvp is not impacted)
    - Rare material could be found (trader ship required to bring back all the materials)

This material can be used by crafter to craft exceptionnal ship (maybe for 1st, 2nd and 3th rates ships to reduce their number and make them more rare and exceptional) or new 
customization stuff (paint, stern, figurehead)

We can imagine exploration event with big national fleet required. As soon as a national exploration fleet enter in the exploration instance. The instance is closed for other nation. Exploration instance are rare and discovery can be extremely interesting. Exploration event could give a national bonus for a period ? (not sure ;))
Moreover, other nation can create an interception fleet to fight returning expedition. It could be a new PVP area with lot of interaction, lot of different ships not like Port battle.

If you have idea for the explorer title/grade/rank !

I'm waiting your feedback !


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Exploration would have been a great feature

requested by some for a very long time (see the many threads) 

that has sadly little or no chance of being implemented in NA (see devs' feedback)

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Good idea this is, devs can always reconsider what was mentionned months ago, they were capable to change their mind and target new ideas.

For example fishing stuff is kind of pointless (in an historical game)...while discovering & exploring expeditions were considered as very important for rich kingdoms or republics.

Furthermore, NA project needs new stuff apart from conquests, exploring activity could improve the economy depth that is kind of poor today. 

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I think that new feature can help the game to find other players.

Lot of user think that PVE has no place in NA because it's a PVP game. Of course NA is a PVP game, but why did devs introduce OW, trader, economic system and craft in the game if people wants only fight each other. It's a sandbox not only a PVP game. A simple "Start fighting" button was enough for PVP like a counter-strike party.

Now there are lot of ressource for trading but it's just optionnal for PVP players.

My exploration proposition add content for PVE player and of course for PVP player too. The National Exploration Event create a new conflict area for players. So I think this PVE feature is also a PVP feature.

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PvE is a part of Naval Action even on dedicated PvP servers. There's no way around. Even power-gamer PvP'ers will PvE to grind whatever they need.

So, PvE content is good IMO as it is just another way to play the game.

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With the course as currently plotted for NA, I doubt there's any chance this being included before release. But it would make for a nice chunk of added content as an enhancement sometime down the road (if that's even a possibility).

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How about tying the explorer xp or the resources and artifacts found from the expedition to something else.

Each nation's "Royal Society" or Exploration Guild. After a certain amount(could be known or unkown by the players) of xp or resources/artefacts gathered the Royal Society will produce a breakthrough or a discovery for a limited time. Those could be:

  • Ship building bonuses similar to the regional bonuses that we have (or even completely replace them) that will affect a random town of the nation or one from a selected few. If the port changes hands the bonus will still apply. Duration: Maybe a couple of days.
  • Resource production bonuses.
  • New resources. For example gold/silver etc appear for a limited amount of time in a port.


The Guild/Society could also have a Board of Directors that will be player driven and elected by probably those with the highest standing/xp. Those positions could provide personal bonuses like extra storage space, production bonuses etc.. Or even to all the top rankers. The general idea here is like the contribution points in Black Desert Online.

Some depth on the purpose of the Guild/Society could be added but i can't think of much. Maybe the selection of the locations to explore/focus on. Any more ideas would be welcome.

Just my 2 cents :)

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I like the idea that exploration is beneficial to a nation rather than just a player.

Nation/guild needs to get confirmed explorers in his ranks.

A nation must always be ready to launch an expedition with his best explorers if an exploration event occurs. So a nation needs to get foods and scientist crew in stock for his sailors because an expedition event require lot of foods and crew. This increase the necessary of trading. And if the national expedition group is not ready, a nation can create an interception fleet.

I love this interaction between nation.

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