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Hi all,


A question and only because I noticed something odd. I figured forum rank had some ratio between posts/likes per posts or something along those lines. However, I just noticed that my rank actually went down (I think when I hit 200 posts since I'm just over that now and didn't notice it before) from Ensign to Midshipman. Obviously doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, but I was curious what the basis of these things are.


Also, since I bring it up, how does the reputation work? Does it do anything? I notice there is a "reputation activity" function in the profile page when I was rooting around through there.



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1 hour ago, SirSamuelHood said:

The structure of the forum ranks differ slightly from the in-game ranks, for some reason midshipman is lower than ensign (which in the time period was not a naval rank for Britian [and still isn't], but a junior army officer rank equivalent to the modern day second lieutenant)

Right, I understand all that.


But I went Midshipman -> Ensign -> Midshipman


That's what I don't understand.

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21 hours ago, Llewellyn Jones RN said:

I never even bothered with looking at my rank I suspect the dev probably reordered things and the amount of posts required per rank hence the change in your rank now.

That's one possibility; I don't see any probability.

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