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PVP1 Another close call - Spanish Hospitality

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To everyone who has been supporting my little trading company.

We spent several weeks at Savanna la Mar.  Each day reviewing and judging the markets and trying to determine a decent cargo for our run to the west.

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Eventually we made the  trip under clear skies.  We were happy to see lots of British ships off the west coast of the main island.  Cheers to everyone who patrols Jamaica. Soon we were all alone on the open water with no land in sight.  I’m starting to like it out there where we can see so far.  This ship (The Little Tuck) is really fast.


We arrived in Cayman Brac, sold our cargo and established an outpost.   Here they love Caribbean Goods and in La Navasse they like Pirate Goods.  I made 4 delivery orders from here to Navasse and am eager to find out if they survived the trip and what the profit will be.  I've had lots of people give me advice about how to make the deliveries work and I have my fingers crossed I was successful.  Should know when I reach La Navasse in a couple weeks.  If they worked well I’ll set up some deliveries (of Caribbean Goods) back to the Caymans. If they didn't work I've squandered a huge part of my net worth.

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I have also received a letter from The British R. Admiral Young encouraging me to sail soon to Castries.  He says there is lots of action there as it is close to the front.  I’m not sure why he thinks that a simple trader like myself would want to be near action.  It sounds dangerous and risky.  But the crew are all excited and think we should go.  It is a long trip from La Navasse to Castries.  Two weeks unbroken sailing on one straight heading.  Much longer if we have to run from hostile foe.

On the way we can  stop at the local ports and clean up my outstanding contracts.  Who knows when we will be back this way.





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Its remarkable that you managed to find a crew made up entirely of mutes.  ;)

On the other hand, you are blessed that they are so eagle-eyed and intuitive with regards to identifying other ships. 

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