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Hello Captains. Question time.

Ask us anything in relation of Naval Action its gameplay, current plans or anything you wanted to find out.
Please number questions and provide them as a list.


ps. game labs related questions are also ok.


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1) What does the pray button do?

We do not have enough information to answer.     We have rushed opening new servers after EA launch and will not rush merging the servers before release. We can merge the servers

Hello Captains. Question time. Ask us anything in relation of Naval Action its gameplay, current plans or anything you wanted to find out. Please number questions and provide them as a list.

1) Plans/progress for the Pacific coast?

2)Will ship kick starter projects will be done by 3rd party designers or by you guys? Any idea when will those start? Any idea on how ships will be picked for a kick starter? Will members be required to provide any ship plans for those ships and of what detail.

3)Are there any plans for player driven town growth, settlers and more player-town interaction or economic gameplay in general?

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1.  I've seen recent comments since you announced the possibility of a kickstarter for ship packs that people are saying this means you are running out of money and people have fears you won't be able to complete Naval Action.  Can you displace these fears?

2.  How much longer do you plan to develop Naval Action/estimated release date?

3.  Are you currently working on (have teaser screenshots) of any new ships?

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  1. Is a rising and falling character career of interest to you in your vision for this game?  If so, is it feasible to implement?
  2. Do you have an internal business development plan for this project that you can share some with alpha testers?  Would include player ideas accepted, rejected, tested, still planned.


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1. do you plan some customizing elements? Like naming your ship, coulour of sails, etc...

2. did you decided yet that you will split the pirates ;)

3. will there be more sinking animation?


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Given that you are a dev team of a fixed size and we don't know the full list of features you plan to include in the game, how will you ensure that if the ship kickstarter is funded we will not end up with less content in other areas?

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  • Are you planning to add a custom-battle-room? Similar to War Thunder
  • Will the Santa Cecilia ever be obtainable again? right now there is literally not a single way  to get a new one besides trading for one of the ones that were given as redeemables to the few tournament winners.
  • Not that important but still: When are the paints that are already in the API but not ingame yet (example Surprise paints etc.) going to be added?
  • Are you planning to interfere to the whole 'Nightflip' problematic or do you think that it's a thing players should fix/manage on their own?
  • Do you think the sternrakes are finalized or will you still tweak them? (A Carronade fitted Surprise killing 100+ crew off a Frigate in 1 rake)
  • Are you planning to add some sort of BR-limits to Port Battles (seeing 25v25 Agamemnons / 1st rates only is getting a bit boring, imo)
  • Are you still planning to add a pvp-currency with which rare modules / paints can be bought in a special shop?
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Hey :)

One of the first things that pulled me towards NA was that a large part of the game was going to be 'skill based'. For the past 6-12 months it seems like the game has slowly been drifting towards a point where the side with numbers will always win in the long term - are there any plans in development for smaller groups, guilds and nations to have just the same chance at advancement as the largest groups/alliances?


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  1. What is the plan to allow players that currently are only able to play during the hostility lockout, join PBs? 
    • please provide as much detail is possible. 
  2. what does the pray button do? 
  3. When can we expect the crafting changes to be implemented? 
  4. Can you provide more detail on the Admiralty store?
  5. What can the the player base do to help? What feedback is needed? 
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  1. Where are the existing PVP1, PVP2 and PVE servers located?  City / locality - specific.
  2. You previously expressed some intent for merging PVP servers into one.  To accomplish this, what locations are your best prospects for the new / final location?
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1. Do you plan to introduce player reputation system? Kill specific NPC/Players and earn your standing with Factions/Nations? 

2. Do you plan to Kicktart PvE content? let's say for example 'Junk Loot', 'Treasure Chests' and 'Maps'? 

3. Are you happy with Port Battle system and time zones? How do you plan to overcome timezone problem and have all battles 25vs25? 

4. Were you considering adding 'Hybrid Port Battles' that will have 25vs25 any time all the time? Player/NPC vs Player /NPC? 

5. What should PvE crowd expect this year? and how are you going to keep them playing and asking for more? 

6. Are you going to introduce the Outlaw class? Will Pirates become a Nation of thieves with their own rebuilt ships and rules?

7. When is the Release date?

8. Can we see UI in the next few months? Is it even in development?

9. Are you going to refine group/ clan managing system? Add Clan warehouses, wallets, custom flags and titles?

10. Did you hire new employees? and where do you see Game-Labs in next few years?

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  1. Are there plans for clan docks and not just warehouses?
  2. Are you planning of having cargo weight affect the speed of a ship?
  3. Any plans for variable and risky weather?
  4. Regarding ROE, have you considered making the outer circle's size dependent on the BR of the player (player' group) - where the bigger the attacker's BR is, the bigger the outer circle is?
  5. Is there a consideration to incent/bonus the under populated side of pvp battles?
  6. Is there a consideration to balance RvR?
  7. Will presently non-craftable/trainable upgrades become craftable/trainable (ie: Staysails, Marines, Monkeys...)?


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  • When will the US players get to do port battles during there prime time (which we have a PvP event during)?
  • Will RvR regional conquest get a reset so that nations allainces don't fall into a stalemate and no one doing anything?
  • When will the pirates mechanics start to be seen?  We get to see a little in test, but i think it's time they get some more love.
  • Why not make Pirates privateers instead of a nation (still do outlaws though)?
  • When will new ship crafting mechanics come?
  • are we going to have a wipe any time soon to test new econ mechanics that have came out and changed?  We can't test an econ if every one is sitting on tons of stuff.
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