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1.28 2017 in Deep water event - i went in my Suprise to find some action and thry to make my way on a list, when i spotted Eng - Trader brig, sailing North from La Navasse.

I went after him.. fallow him for a few min when i came across 3 of 18BEK guys sitting and waiting owius for trad brig to come.

I was watching will trade brig even thry to change a course, but it wasn't.. he went straight for them... and here is a screen shoot of 2 guys who enterd a combat to farm on that trader brig!

Sry for bad eng! Hope this so called "super players" (noobs in my opinion) get BAN!

http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198311544728/screenshot/80338307619465213   - immages of them in a battle agenst trader brig



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The thread is closed - pvp is allowed by rules. Screenshots provide information that a player on a trader was ganked by other players.

In case you suspect alt farming (intention sinking to farm points) you have to put more evidence.

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