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A Shout Out for a helping hand

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After my encounter with the pirate B Morgan on the south coast of Jamaica I received unexpected gifts from strangers.  Ships, gold and advice.  The world of NA is full of helpful personalities (including Morgan).

I leased a Cutter at Port Morant and sailed east to a mysterious island and the free port of La Navasse.  There a wealthy Mr. White gave me a Trader Lynx.  Before the permit and warehouse construction was complete on my new outpost I opened a letter from R. Admiral Tuck (Alias Tuck’s Slave) and sailed the Cutter back to Port Royal where Tuck built me another Trader Lynx and showed me how the craft Iron Fittings from ingots.  He also gave me gold and explained to how me make money with labor in the port markets.

Now I have two durable Trader Lynx.  One in La Navasse and one here with me in Savanna la Mar.

I intend to sail to Cayman Brac and set up an outpost to further trade between there and La Navasse.   So I'm looking for advice on the best way to do that.Cayman Navasse.jpg






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I've noticed you've being stamping all over the Caribbean meeting Captains, doing trade deals with anybody and everybody you feel like. Meeting Pirates and the odd whore while making a bit of gold on the side. Now I may be getting  slow or forgetful in my old age but didn't see or hear you pay any respects to our King? Did you?


You may ask, how come I know all this information. This confidential parley you have for the trade runs and free ships you received (not to mention the women). Well let's just say it's my fcuking job to know… But come now, please don't think this is just a simple shake down. Let's sit over a glass red and let me introduce myself MacJimm…


 My name is Norfolk nChance, named after my mother. But you probably guessed that already.


Here working out of Kingston/Port Royale I run a small elite group of Captains that get asked from time to time help our fellow Captains like yourself that may get into trouble. I also sell insurance which will give you protection in case the racket you are in falls apart. Here is my card, you'll need it.


Other services we offer can range from escorting high value trade ships through dangerous waters, or deliver a message for someone to a Captain, Group or Nation of the non-written kind.  We at ELITE are not here to make this game of life harder, we are here to make it harder just for you if you don't pay… that type of Message MacJimm


Anyway time is pressing and I need to be moving along. So let's talk Brass Tax. You owe me some respect that I can pass along to our King. But I know right now money is tight. I've a little job for you if you want to except it? It will clear your debt to me and with handsome left overs? Want to know more Macjimm?



The Job…


That’s the spirit. Now go get a Trader Brig. Dump the two lynix's. You need to travel to the Freeport of La Torture. Am sure you can read a map. Well I've a friend I owe some Cognac too, it's not a lot but make sure you fill your hull to the top. It will cost you $720 each or less. Watch the weight don't overload the brig.


My friend, he's called "Ink the Dev"… looks real mean tattoos everywhere. But knows everybody. He lives in Mortimer which is just a small jump from La Torture. Seriously half day tops. And the women in Mortimer are to die for.


Now there's a snag here. And its why people need people like elite. You need to smuggle this type of cognac into Mortimer. All you need to do is when in La Torture ready to depart just tag this flag on the mast before you press sail. You must have the smuggler flag on so the Mortimer port guys I bribed will let you in…


Get there sell him the Cognac in the shop he'll pay $1,400 each. Yeah Macjimm, I saw those eyes light up. Now with the proceeds buy as many Madagascar Jewels that'll fit in the hold $11k each. I know this Madame and anyway her niece got into trouble. I obviously the loving Uncle I am, I'm obliged to help her out. Go back to La Torture and sell the Jewels to her in the shop. She'll pay $19k…


You keep the money we are even…


If after that you want to know about a secret Island I know of, and have grown a pair. Come and see in K/PR.

And remember tis always good to have Insurance to protect ones racket.


Nice doing business with you Macjimm, and by the way the King is grateful



Norfolk nChance


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