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Feedback (UPDATED: 11/9/2015)

Nick Thomadis

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Is anyone else using a Mac for this game? I have a Macbook and the game works wonderfully except for occasional freezing. What steps can I take on Mac to try and alleviate this? I have deleted and reinstalled, however, some of the other steps are for PC only and I don't know how to follow them on a Mac. If you have any insights I would much appreciate it! Thanks.

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No crash or hang issues for me.


I played my no-click union battles last night against most of the CSA AI players.

The AI seems to have lost the ability to capture the VP's again.

In the first 1.01 it captured the Oak Ridge VP on most of the settings above balance. Now it does not.

Cautious got a draw but offensive lost to the no-click union.


I'll play more like this as sometimes the timing of the black hats at cutler does alter the battle.

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bah! 7 games tonight. All good. Then played as union on two hills. Won no issue. Played as CSA on two hills and was about to win when had a total freeze. Before the total freeze i did have the issue where the map edge seems to be on the screen. Nothing goes past an area on screen. The movement lines all stop as if it's screen edge but its part of the battlefield. Will try to send big report

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Well, tested the first scenario once more and once more, drove the Union off the lower right hand corner of the map after some some of their suicidal charges against my enfilading units (Dynamic.)

Still not there with the AI.


The main problems are the same as before, the AI throws its units piecemeal against superior lines and even into enfilade situations, and does not attack the weakest part of the line indirectly en masse. Also, its priorities are off in a defensive scenario to be attacking my forward positions like that in any case.

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Ultimate General: Gettysburg Patch 1.01 HotFix (2)


Hello Generals,


We have just made available a new hotfix:

It includes the following:


- Further technical repairs that address freezes and lags

- Buford's skirmishers have not so low condition regeneration

- Fix in case of units fighting close at borders that could affect game's stability


Restart Steam for a quick update. To understand that your game has been updated, notice that you have the following version numbers in menu:


Single Player: 1.01 HotFix rev.6915

Multiplayer: 1.01 HotFix rev.6914


With this hotifix you should notice much better game stability and much smoother/non-desynced multiplayer experience.


If you are still anticipating freezes, we strongly recommend to clean up your installation folder as advised here:


Let us know of any issue and we will address it as fast as we can.



Multiplayer server is currently under maintenance and so you cannot connect to play multiplayer. Repairs will be done asap. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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UGG Team,


I deleted all local files and deleted the game from steam, again, following the instructions, then I reinstalled and started playing. I played the custom multiplayer battle, the fight for two hills, against the AI and immediately had a freeze. However, I quit Steam after that and reopened it and started playing again. I played only custom multiplayer battles against the AI for a couple hours straight and had no freezing!


This is what another player suggested on the steam forum, and he had the same results. I plan on playing quite a bit over the break and will let you know how it goes.


If last night is an indication of freezing for the future, than I would say smashing good job gentlemen!

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Ultimate General: Gettysburg Patch 1.02
Version 1.01 included a lot of improvements but due to technical bugs it was possible to anticipate random freezes during gameplay according to the system settings. After two hotfixes we provide now a new update which hopefully addresses all the problems:


Hoping that now you can enjoy the game without... disturbances,
The Game-Labs Team
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So with the new hotfix I must say is so far so good, no freezes, no crashes. I've played 1 single battle and 2 multiplayer and they were all completed without any problem

Fingers crossed it will stay like that

Good job guys it's nice to see that you address problems so quick.


It would be nice to know what are you going to do next 

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I also didn't get any freezes anymore. But sometimes the game stops for some milliseconds as if it would freeze in the next moment. But it seems to work fine now. Yea, good work!

Other suggestions/problems/bugs:

  • Maybe there is an explanation but sometimes it seems a brigade loses all its condition without any reason just by walking a short way through forest or up a hill, from 75% to zero in just a few moments (without enemy impact and without running). And I've watched a brigade that didn't regain condition anymore, I couldn't see any enemy close to it. When I finally moved the unit which was standing next to it the exhausted brigade suddenly started to recover again. I tried to reproduce the condition bugs but it doesn't always happen. And it's always a bit difficult to say what has happened and to exclude any other impacts but this is how it appeared to me.
  • Since skirmishers are always running it's usually not possible to position them without losing all condition before the battle even has started. It should be possible to let them walk or they could change to marching formation.
  • There's no unit info of the 'number of men' on the status bar. Usually that's not a problem cause it always shows the number on the map. But when a unit is fighting at the borders of the map the 'number of men' disappears. I already had the situation when a brigade was fighting close to the border and there was no possiblility to find out if they are strong enough or not. I had to guess by kill rate and it seemed to look fine. But in the end I got surprised that in fact most soldiers were already dead.
  • I think a limber up phase for the artillery is missing. Cannons could move slowly when they pull back or when the player draws them on a near position. And when the player orders them to a far away position they could change to a limbered 'formation', like the marching formation of the brigades. Atm it's in the middle, the moving speed is a bit too fast for being unlimbered and a bit too slow for being limbered.
  • Bucktail Brigade didn't stop shooting at a far away aim (the brigade doesnt aim at Davis, the aim is more far away)  https://www.dropbox.com/s/o1ghgavex9vdwli/2014-11-30_00005.jpg?dl=0
  • A typical AI weakness: the AI sent Archers Brigade to attack Biddle and just ignored the Iron Brigade. The Iron Brigade didn't flank Archer. The Iron Brigade was already positioned and didn't move at all and Archer just walked into the range of fire and showed his flank.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/da7y4lchl53o9yg/2014-11-29_00001.jpg?dl=0
  • It's not possible to use keys like : ; .  in the game chat, would be useful for messages like " :D" " :)" " ;)"
  • It would be interesting to know how the ranks get calculated and what counts. Cause I've been around position 20 in the ranking system. I won a few battles in a row and it didn't change much. Then I won one battle and suddenly I found myself on position 2. Then I lost one battle and fell down on position 75. Then I won a battle again and got to 63, then 50, and after the next battle I am suddenly on position 2 again xD.
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The problem with skirmishers has been reported and, yes, it's being addressed.

The same problem you mentioned with loss of condition and consequent rout with no apparent reason, in regards with infantry brigades is something I wasn't sure about and I am sure now that you also have experienced it. There has got to be something wicked interacting between morale and condition that needs to be narrowed down. I have the feeling that the experience level of the Bde is also heavily affecting this issue but there's no clue because we have no clear indication about the Bde data. We can only see morale, condition, cover and reload status (+ the kills). The DEVs need more reports, I'm happy you did yours because it surely helps. :)


I proposed a fix for the skirmishers which should lose condition a bit slower and recover condition a little faster. That would put them at good use without exploitation of their movement speed advantage.


The problem with units being by the border of the map is that the whole flag disappears. Units also seem to lose formation but that's marginal... According to me when a unit is pushed off map, it should rout: shattered.


The arty limbering is on the top of the list for the future feature implements. I suppose it will be done in due time.


As of https://www.dropbox.com/s/o1ghgavex9vdwli/2014-11-30_00005.jpg?dl=0


When a unit shoots, there's always some enemy unit that is highlighted (it's the marked target). Try to identify if this target is highlighted next time because, sometimes units shoot at routed units no longer on the field. It's the case of CSA shooting empty map spots where Calef's artillery has been destroyed. Yes, it's a known bug.


In regards with https://www.dropbox.com/s/da7y4lchl53o9yg/2014-11-29_00001.jpg?dl=0


Yes the AI needs a rework but do mind this problem is connected to the arty not being half as deadly as it should. You send Iron Bde in the open like that and it will be smashed in a few minutes when that happens. Agree, as long as that is not addressed, and in any case, the AI should not easily be flanked without reacting like you've shown in this picture. 


The MP, as well as many other things have basically been put on hold to solve the freezing issues that were paramount. I'm sure all will be sorted out now that, apparently, this problem has been solved.

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Hi, Nick. This is a great game and I am enjoying playing it very much. Thank You. I think you are asking for suggestions and I only have one....is it possible to have a way to control when a unit goes from COLUMN to LINE and vice versa? I think it would allow greater flexibility in moving units around the battlefield. I believe this was a common method of manoeuvre during this era. Thanks again. Chris Bowles

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