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(in an online game or community) a person who harasses or deliberately provokes other players or members in order to spoil their enjoyment:

As per the tribunal rules outlined in the topic, griefing is a tribunal offence.

6) Griefing   -  Screenshots + Tribunal topic


Players from the US nation has repeatedly and intentionally been raising hostility in the region of Georgia with the explicit intention of setting port battles at times that for the defenders, danish players, are in the middle of the night on weekdays. This is intended to force Danish defenders to stay up for what is for us the middle of the night and mount a defense  The US players then do not show up to the attack, or shows up in a very small number of fast ships with the express intention of wasting the time of the entire defensive force.
This is textbook griefing. It is an intentional waste of other players time and an intentional sabotage of the game. With accompanying mockery and harassment in the battle chat and global chat. It causes great dissatisfaction amongst the defenders who have to stay up to mount a defense and yet do not get a fight, wasting hours of their time for nothing. 
This charge and proof addresses specifically the port "battle" that happened in Savannah on January the 11th.
Proof of intention:
Only four players showed up to the beginning of the fight, in fast ships to run away and waste our time. There was no screening mounted outside by the defenders that could explain the absence of more attackers.
No attempt was ever made in the course of the battle by the attackers to fight or get any points. They were running away from the beginning, but refusing to leave the battle to let it end, wasting more time.
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"Night flips" implies that the U.S. nation is secretly scheming, conspiring to take ports at a time that is inconvenient for both sides. In fact, your night time is our prime time. The earth is round and doesn't epicentre upon GMT (+3).

In fact, this game places a strange restriction so that most of the U.S. primetime is off limits for port battles. It's actually incredibly fortunate that enough U.S. players stick with RvR in this game, knowing that we have only an hour or two (if you happen in an eastern U.S. time zone) to even participate. All of players west of Texas are locked out of port battles entirely. I don't see why the U.S. playerbase should be criticized and tribunalized for managing to scrape together a force to compete in a port battle, and then have that force mocked roundly by the enemy. We apologize - there have been so many of our players that have given up on the concept of port battles (and this game entirely) because of the arbitrary PB restriction placed upon us during our prime time.

The Danish and Russian defenders chose to participate at an hour inconvenient for them - that's great! I think we all love this game, and love those who have the vigor for off-peak gaming. I should also mention that many U.S. players share this vigor for off-peak gaming, however the European prime time coincides with our work hours, and it is a lot more difficult for one to take off work to play a game than it is to wake up during the night when one has no other commitments.

After dealing with the dual obstacles of an incomplete primetime window for RvR, and off-peak gaming that requires us to miss work and potentially lose real-life financial earnings, I would say it's not fair to criticize the U.S. players that have still stuck with and support this game, for wanting just a piece of the action. My humble opinion.


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There is a lot to unpack here.  Let me try to break it down a bit:

1.  Tribunal rules still apply.  We only want the accusers, the accused, and evidence posted.  However, due to the broadness of the accusation, I think everyone that responded to this post falls under that category.  Yet, this is not national news, nor should it devolve into a thread looking as if it is.

2.  I believe 'Sharpe put the US defense most eloquently, and, for the other US players, I hope you accept my apology in having him be the voice for the "accused" on this one, similar to a class-action type suit.

3.  Though this is in the tribunal subsection, an entire faction is accusing another entire faction.  For that, you are looking for a mechanic change, not an individual tribunal case.  Please take that discussion to any of the more appropriate subforums.

I am leaving the thread for visibility by the developer staff in case they wish to review it further.  However, I do not anticipate any further action to be taken at this time.  I can only advise that you seek a solution beyond a deus ex machina from the developers.

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