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MARS Merchants And Raiders Squadron PVP2 USA

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We are Merchants And Raiders Squadron (MARS);we believe if every man will do his duty victory will be ours!

Our goal is to help and support our members in developing their skills, levelling up in fighting and crafting. We created a training centre in safe and remote area, where our members can make missions, training manoeuvres, sailing and fighting in formation and prepare for  PvP actions.

We help you get rich and famous, having fun hunting together in enemy waters, patrolling and protecting our national waters and ports.

You can join us on PVP2 , US Nation, contact Sir Longshot , Coliard or any seen member of MARS; Merchants And Raiders Squadron.

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Good luck and welcome to the wonderful world of PvP2 as a clan.  Hope ya'll aren't a bunch of carebears and want to war with other nations to get the votes stirred up and things a little more alive in game.  I'll see you out on the OW.

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On 03/04/2017 at 11:27 PM, sonic2707 said:

How do i join?

Sorry mate no one answered you yet. We are on pvp2 USA. Ask on national chat.


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I'm returning after a year+ break from the game.  Just started playing again and would like to play with friend/fellow countrymen.  I will admit, a lot has changed and I have to relearn the game, but I can be on 10+ hours a week.


About me:

- 10+ years of gaming (Eve Online, World of Warships, Global Agenda, EuroTruckSimulator2)

- 40 years old w/family

- Active-duty US military

- Enjoy games involving teamwork and strategy

- Have mic, TS3/Vent/Discord




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