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Questions And a Suggestions Regarding Dealing with piracy, gankers, ect.

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I'm not sure what exactly the game is supposed to scale too. From what i have read though it seems to be both an mmo (not like WOW c'mon i meant the technical term not the genre) and a single player game? will this be done with private servers or ... this obvoiusly matters because if the game is hosted on 64 player servers then the game will have to implement a different mechanic rather then if it was done in an mmo fashion (connect to a server where hundreds to thousands of players are playing)


Now on to the suggestion:

there needs to be some kind renown mechanic (yeah i can hear the world wide sigh) but hear me out here i don't believe the mechanic should be a world wide instaneous update but rather a gradual trickle (to represent the relatively slow spread of information of the era). For example one captain attacks a ship, now that ship's faction would hear of this news in say about 1.5 hours of in game time (going from speeds of ships that i have read about on the dev logs) this faction would then issue a bounty of his or her ship. Now any mercenary crews could take up the bounty and go hunt this person down; but this would mean that bounties would need to be worthwhile to do.


This being said i do believe this game should have perma death mechanic im not in favour of the whole respawn your ship for no penalties (maybe have just a ship loss if you lose your ship but not the experience of your captain or just total perma death not sure which would be better suited for the game).

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