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Hello and welcome aboard, dear commanders. Real Armada Española is glad to open her arms to all of those Naval Action players who are going to enjoy sailing by all waters, seas and oceans which world has put under our keels.


Lots os hours of fun are waiting for you along with dozens of age of sail lovers. Of course, it doesn't matter if you are hispanic or not. We just look for brave sailors ready to sail in a whole world of enjoyment.


If you want to take part with us, just write to me a Private Message by this forum. 


[uPDATE] Now we count with our space in a Team Speak Server. The people who founded RAE are part of the hispanic virtual squadron E69 (www.escuadrón69.net), so we have our own forum inside the main E69 forum. Our TS space is part of the main E69 TS server too, so all is done. 


Soon all of you will receive the information to access to our Team Speak via Private Message. 




Join us!



Thank you! 




Comandante Gómez





P.D.: by replying this topic you help us.







Comandante Mirones


Comandante Cavero


Comandante Pasanius


Comandante Bixol


Comandante Rizzo


Comandante Omega


Comandante Thor


Comandante DeKaktus


Comandante Sánchez


Comandante Churruca


Comandante Gilmour


Comandante Tyr


Comandante ElPetty


Comandante Rekab


Comandante Antoñanzas


Comandante TheCabinBoy


Comandante Boret


Comandante Axralis


Comandante Bazan


Comandante Woob


Comandante Darksaga


Comandante Carlos

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We are waiting to set up our forum and Team Speak server completely, process which we hope take no more than a couple of weeks.

Good day Comandante and welcome to the Naval Action forums!

If you would care to be included with all of the other groups that have stated their Naval Action intentions, once you have it available please message me with your forum/ contact information and I will include the "Armada Espanola" with all of the other distinguished groups. :D


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