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addthe option of remove weapons and officers from a unit

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Currently if I got one 2000man brigade with 1861s and one 2000 mand brigade with M1842s and I would like them to change weapons I need 2000 guns more to do it.
Similar if I want two officers to change position, I need an extra one with sufficient rank to do the change,

So please add the option of removing both guns and officers from a unit.

(naturally it should not be possible to send a unit unarmed into combat. One lacking officers would just have the stats as if he had been killed)

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Sometimes need to do a three way shuffle if you want to move reassign high ranking officers. It can be tedious. The ability to completely remove the officer from a brigade, albeit temporarily, will facilitate officer management. Don't let the battle start without any officer assigned, but allow the commander to be removed for a moment so it can be shuffled and swapped. 

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