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Ship request - 24 to 28-gun & trading 6th rate


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I like pretty much all these suggestions.


I think it's important that any new ship in this class should be distinguished from Surprise somehow. Probably by being built in the mid 1700s, not flush-decked, with graceful lines, a raised quarterdeck, and rig typical of that era.

The current lineup of ships is completely late 1700s/early 1800s.


Anyways, I believe Chapman has a lot of good merchant vessels.

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Really love the lines on the Le Glorie.

Nice looking boat. Noticed the jib is at a 45% angle as most others seem to be more of a 30%. Reason for this? Just curious

You mean the bowsprit?

Bowsprits were angled very steeply (steeved) for most of the 17th century and earlier, at 45% or more. After that, the angle steadily decreased, until you have almost-flat bowsprits in the 19th century.


That's one way you can tell roughly what decade Le Glorie was built it.

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hi I have as a gamer always loved historic romantic games that are realistic and in this 17centuary ship context you absolutely need some dutch republic ships

i have list of ships from the dutch republic which be perfect for this game

Batavia Duyfken  2 all round ships with 24 canons


Halve Maen a stealth ship that is very stealthy with fewer cannons but faster and again stealthy


Prins Willem

2 war ships slow but many canons


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Batavia (VOC)

A Dutch East India Company ship built in 1628 equipped with 24 cast-iron cannons. 

Mauritius (VOC)

A Dutch East India Company ship in service from 1618-1622 with 16 cannons.

Halve Maen (VOC)

Also a Dutch East India Company ship that sailed into what is New York harbor today in 1609. Its a Fly boat built for speed as a merchant ship to carry goods. Its equipped with a simple 4 cannons.


I would love to see some of these in the game. Can't wait to try it out!








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The Swedish frigate HMS Enigheten ("unity"), drawn by naval architect Harald Sohlberg. Two sister-ships built in 1767 and 1769, later renamed af Trolle and Sprengtporten respectively. 24 guns; drawing says 8-pounders but it seems to have been upgunned when it entered service in the navy because the service record says 12-pounders. This drawing seems to be a copy; in the lower left corner there's a note that says "I certify that this is equal to the original -Fredrik Chapman", presumably in his own hand. The red stamp says (abbreviated) "Property of the navy's construction office".


I have a few more photos and in higher resolution too but it's hard to photograph a drawing that's about a meter and a half long with just a handheld camera. I can arrange for real scans if you want, I'll even pay out of my own pocket for it, but only if you're actually intending to do something with them.

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I'd like to recommend USS Boston, built in Newburyport Massachusetts in 1776. Severed in the Continental Navy as a 24 gun frigate. Participated the the capture of the frigate HMS Fox in June, 1777. Captured by the British in Charleston, South Carolina. Renamed HMS Charlestown and outfitted as a 28 gun frigate. Served with the Royal Navy until the end of the war when it was sold out of the service.





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