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Ship request - 24 to 28-gun & trading 6th rate


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Dear Captains


1.  Please suggest a nice 24-28 gun ship. Provide plans and/or references, model pics. tech drawings.

2.  Please suggest nice unarmed or poorly armed trading ship 6th rate size. Also provide plans and or references pics or drawings. 

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On #1, I assume you mean actual number of guns carried, not rated guns. Is there a preferred timeframe? Type (and size) of ship with this number of guns can vary widely depending on timeframe.

Circa 1740, both a British establishment 24-gun ship (6th-rate frigate) or a French 3me Ordre frigate would nicely fit the bill.

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1670-1820 -/+5years is the known timeline

No, the point is number of guns doesn't narrow down exactly what niche the devs are looking to fill. I can find examples of ships in this timeframe with 24 guns that are 350 tons or 1000 tons, or that fill very different roles. My guess, however, is that the devs are looking for a small cruiser (cruiser in the original sense) type of ship, i.e. a very small frigate or large corvette.

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well i guess they are looking for a 24-28gun ship wich make people drolling just by looking at it.

that could be a frigate an Idiaman or an 1670 build lineship with heavy armament 24lb guns etc


its pretty late over there in Kiev i gues we will have better answers tomorrow

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American Privateer Ship Oliver Cromwell with 24 guns, 6-4 Pounders, 6-6 Pounders, and 12-9 Pounders with some guns in a weird arrangement. Very pretty nonetheless and theres many models of the ship.







edit: as luck would have it theres a book that displays the detailed plans of the Cromwell, the site with the picture above also has the same plans.






However I have not been able to find a sail plan for the ship.

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Ooh, here is an idea for a pair of ships that satisfy both requirements and are famously linked to eachother in history:


1. HMS Pandora (a 24-gun Porcupine class post ship), which was sent to hunt down:



2. HMAV Bounty (a former merchant turned transport armed with 4x 4-pdrs and swivel guns) and her mutineers.

Both ships are very well-documented in the Anatomy of the Ship series:



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If Swedish ships are of interest we have the ships af Chapman drew in the end of the 18th century. They were known internationally to be some of the best ships in the world.

Drawings by Af Chapman can be found on this link: http://covax.bth.se/chapmanprojekt/index.html Number 31 and 32 shows both the exterior and interor of a frigate, for example.

One example of a ship he built is Venus, that was later captured by the russians. Here are some links to drawings and information.










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