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Some UI suggestions

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I am sure someone must have mentioned by now that the user interface is a real challenge for those of us who are  vision impaired. The lack of contrasting colors makes alot of the UI impossible for me to see unless I get really close to the screen. Different shades of grey. white all kind of blend into a snow pattern. same with blues/greens for open water map. I would really like to see some contrast in the UI even just simple stuff like some color in the port screen the seperates different things. And the most helpful would be in open water especialy the compas where cardinal points could be highlited with color so you can tell what direction you are sailing. and when you use the map if would be amazing if the co-ordinate grid were easily distinguishable. at present i have to again go close to read the numbers because they tend to blend into the back ground of the water. just making the numbers bolder and perhaps highlited would definately improve this  also. Another request would be to allow adding friends from any nation especialy on the PVE server where there is no chance of causing and tactical advantage by secret messaging the enemy lol.

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+100 from me.  I don't expect the final UI by any stretch - but I agree with virtually every point made about the UI above. I enabled color blind mode hoping it would help but I see no difference at all btw when it's enabled or disabled. The colored text is especially bad. I don't care that the color matches the quality level - I need to read what it says first and foremost.

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