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Battle screen camping, log off camping - final proposal

Log off camping/BR screen camping is a problem  

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  1. 1. Log off camping/BR screen camping is a problem

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Just now, Licinio Chiavari said:

I am not a victim. And my hunters were not defenders. They were ALOHA :)

Honestly I thought about that after reading others' whines. Not mine. Mine is a witness of what can happen.

Yep it can happend. Yes we can make sure it can't. But I just think the concequence of giving a free escape card free of charge(pay what you have you have in cargo, is free of charge), is to high a price to pay, for something most ppl don't benefit from, but have to suffer from to care for few incidents for a players  during a year,


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11 hours ago, admin said:

Enemy persistence cannot be removed by design. Enemy persistence should not be punished. 
We tried multiple times to solve the problem and partial invisibility and speed boost is the only working way to solve it. But invisibility removes the gameplay from persistent players (if we let the attacker dissapear they are punished for their determination)

Our expectation is that PVP might change a lot after asian language localization goes live and we will review the issues after. Current priorities revolve around mission content, solo patrols (tournaments) and improvements on trading. Main focus is the delivery of the localization and battle UI update.


what is a possibility is

he who comes out of a battle... has invulnerability of 2-3 minutes to sail to a nearby port to recuperate for a next battle. 

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