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Happy9768 Triggering Unwinnable Battle close to friendlies

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Happy9768 "US Nation" Suspect Spy 

"Happy9768" has been reported for bad conduct in PB or Screens earler.  Ramming friendly ships, triggering battles prematurely.  New Eyewitness Report:  Dec 2, about 9 AM US Eastern, about than 250 Players online.  Hardy Knox tried to leave Beaufort in Surprise + Rattler.   Inside port were two substantial (>1000 BR each) Dane AI fleets, a US Lieutenant in a warship and => Happy 9768 <= in an LGV.  Battle triggered.  Dropped into port before my immunity lapsed.

Spoke after to the US Lieutenant who said Happy 9768 triggered battle, and that he/she had forced him into battle 2 times in five minutes.

Perhaps it is time other US players kept a close eye on "Happy9768" . He/she reports being Chinese, so not understanding Chat directions or orders.  Language does not explain why Happy9768 repeatedly triggers unwinnable battles that endanger fellow nationals. 

Other mentions of Happy9768 in GameLabs Forums involving reports of similar behavior:

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Reported situation is under investigation, so unless you have anything specifically related to the player in question that is not just him sailing around, do not post :)

Report and trust.

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