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Hi guys, I would just like to advertise my channel. It features Ultimate General: Civil war ( obviously ). I have no mic ( yet, supposed to get it tomorrow )  
I have started a Union Campaign so far. I think I am good but the difficulty is set to medium for now. I will start a confederate campaign on higher difficulty eventually. 

So if you want to see Civil war battles, go there. The name of Channel is Hobotango. 

I would also like to give a HUGE thank you to Nick Thomadis, not only for the game he gave me. But for his previous mods on Total war ( still playing them to this day )     

As soon as I get my mic, I will start giving a full review of the game  and do my video's with commentary. 

Thank you so much for your game. And keep up the good work. 

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Hello everyone, Iv just started my Confederate campaign.. : ( Audio isnt the best, but its nighttime here and my wife is trying to sleep okay ! haha ;) )

Tried on hard mode but damn, it was hard ! haha, lost the first battle, twice.... So I put it in regular difficulty ;)

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