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3d HM Gunboat William Construction 1795

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On 23/11/2015 at 10:15 PM, Haratik said:
14 hours ago, Mike the Mongel said:

That is outstanding work sir, Dan any chance you have a wireframe render ? just outta my own curiosity  as I am a 3d modeler and Animator myself and you know how anal we all are LOL!!!

Nice work on the Hull, usualy on ship models and what type of modeling you do that can be a bugger.




Cool Mike the Mongel, where do you work? I am unemployed, then with time I ended up doing one this game for android:

Here some wire




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1 hour ago, Fluffy Fishy said:

That is a spectacular piece of work, I do have a slight concern though, what happens to the forward rigging if you wish to fire the gun?

The cannon turns on a wooden stand with iron balls underneath.
Look at the image:


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