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French frigate Aréthuse (1792) - 3D Model

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On 11/27/2016 at 11:04 PM, Alex Connor said:

Been trying to work out how Arethuse's bow looks. Quite different from usual french style, not least because the deck plans make it look like the platform of the head is at the same level as the weather deck. Seems to have a rail running from deckheight and attaching to the eagles wings that could be supporting the platform.

Most french frigates would look something like this...


From plans though, Arethuse's bow might be much higher and completely planked up, something like this.


Alternatively, might have the platform on the middle rail, a more conventional bow although I'm not sure what the upper rail is for then...


Anyway, hope this helps visualize what the bow looks like, probably one of the hardest parts to get right when you start building ships ;)


Sorry to resurrect an ancient thread, but I can´t help myself :P

The reason the bow looks so unusual is that L' Aréthuse was designed/built by Pierre Ozanne, usually better known as a naval artist than as a naval architect (his most famous drawing probably is that of Ambuscade vs. La Bayonnaise).

Alex, I think your second drawing is spot on if compared to Ozanne´s sketches below:





Btw, I want a SoL with a bow like that:



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