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List Of Posted Naval Action Groups/Navies - Updated May 29, 2015

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The information below has been gathered into a single list in an effort to help identify all of the different Groups, Clans, Navies, and Armada that have posted in the forums stating that they plan to

Made upgraded guilds poster:

Upgraded poster of guilds (if i missed active guild let me know here or pm me please) Enjoy:

Posted Images

Server / Nation: PvP2 / Pirates


Clan Name / Tag: Black Sails / BLKS


In-game names: Roberto de Castilla, Julio Ortega, David Batista, and Alan Garcia


Languages: English, Spanish


What we do: Cut throats and pillage :) we don't want to be part of a nation, we are pirates, we make our own rules. We are a new clan too (most of us are deserters from Spain) so there is room for new officers. At the moment we are using Discord as a means of communication, it is similar to Team Speak 3 but its free :) this little app is a must if you want to join us, you do not require a mic but just be able to listen to us know whats going on. Hope to have you with us.


Good Sailing Captains.

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Name: The Flying Gang

Nation: USA

Language: Finnish, English

Contact: Jomppeli in the forums & in-game

Server: PVP EU1


Suomalainen kaveriporukka, suomenkielisiä voidaan harkita jäseniksi. Höpistään usein teamspeakissa.
Finnish group, we might consider taking new finnish-speaking members.

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Faction:                  United Provinces // Vereenigde Provincien

Name :                   Royal Netherlands Navy   [RNN]

Language:             English

Contact:                 Ingame Officers: Pieter Florisz , Leopold ,Furian Stormrider Forum: WySoSerieus

Server:                   PvP EU 1

TeamSpeak:           Contact one of our Recruiters// Officers

Website:                 Under Construction

Steam:                    http://steamcommunity.com/groups/RoyalNetherlandsNavy/

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I think its time to start make this topic up to date. This will take some time and your help would be great. I will start make actual list of clans, guilds, societies, trading companies and bands. Topic (if actual) will be very helpful for new captains looking for guild to play with.


So my request is: please all active clans leaders (or officers) provide fresh info about your clans in this simply format:


  • Guild name:
  • Guild tag: 
  • Server:
  • Nation:
  • Guild focus: (rvr, pvp, pve, eco, etc...)
  • Main language (if international put multi language):
  • Leader(s):
  • Officers:
  • Website (if any):
  • TS, Vent, Mumble, Discord or different comms adress:


Here is example based on our guild:


  • Guild name: White And Red
  • Guild tag: [WAR]
  • Server: PvP 1
  • Nation: Great Britain
  • Guild focus: RvR, PvP, PvE, Eco
  • Main language: PL, ENG
  • Leader: Bart Smith
  • Officers: Przemo, Czarny, Christopher Hull
  • Website: http://www.whiteandredonline.pl/
  • TS: ts21.freets3.net:10267
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This thread hasn't been updated in awhile, hoping it will be.


Clan: [TOTC] Total Oblivion Trading Co.

Nation: USA

Server: PvP 2 USA

Time Zone: EST evenings

Officers: Cpt Blackthorne, Peiper, Cpt Anthony

Multi-Game Clan Forum: http://totaloblivion.clanwebsite.com/ (registration required for full view)

Game Labs Post: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/13408-totc/

Steam Clan Page: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TOTC-NA

Edited by Cpt Blackthorne
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  • Guild name: Pirates of Dark Water

Guild tag: PoDW

Server: EU PVP 1

Nation: Pirates

Guild focus: pvp and pvp

Main language: Russian/English (later maybe German too)

Leader(s): Ram Dinark 

Officers: Ajax, Antony Brooks, El Mariachi


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